Sweet Leaf Concentrates


Sweet Leaf Concentrates is a premium destination for cannabis concentrates in Surrey, BC. From shatter, live resin, and vape cartridges, check out their selection here. Buy shatter online, buy live resin online, and buy concentrates at TogoWeed.

Sweet Leaf Concentrates is a well known cannabis extracts company based in British Columbia. They offer a wide selection of shatter, HTFSE sauce, live resin, vape cartridges, terp cartridges, and more. If you’re looking to buy shatter online, buy HTFSE online, buy live resin online, or buy vape carts online, Sweet Leaf Concentrates is definitely a brand to look out for.

They offer two lines of shatter: white label and black label. White label is their entry level shatter and black label is their higher quality shatter. An easy way to put it is white label extracts AA cannabis and black label extracts AAA cannabis. You can expect a slight potency difference between the two. Sweet Leaf Concentrates uses the highest quality butane and top of the line lab equipment.

Our popular Sweet Leaf shatter strains are: Ghost Train Haze, Tuna Rockstar, MK Ultra, White Rhino, White Widow, Green Crack, GSC, AK-47, and more! Whether you’re looking to buy sativa shatter, buy indica shatter, or buy hybrid shatter – you have choices!

What is HTFSE? HTFSE stands for High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract. Sweet Leaf Concentrates uses low boiling point and below freezing temperatures to extract the THCa and terpenes to its highest form. The reason why people like HTFSE “sauce” is the high terpene level and high THC. Expect a potent punch with a high quality level of flavours.

Sweet Leaf Concentrates live resin is created with quality of BHO extraction. This is a nice balance between flavour and potency. If you’re looking for something stronger than shatter, you can buy live resin online and try it out!

They have a nice quality selection of vape cartridges as well. Their standard vape cartridge is a half gram of distillate with added 100% natural cannabis terpenes. Sweet Leaf Concentrates distillate is made with 100% natural CO2 and refined food grade alcohol. Expect only the best! Another form of vape cartridges that they carry is a unique terp cartridge. This is a HTFSE sauce cartridge which is ready for you to vape. You may feel that this one feels more creamy and has much more flavour than a standard distillate cart. If you haven’t tried this yet, it is definitely worth trying for yourself! Currently, they carry a Rockstar Tuna (Indica) and a Ghost Train Haze (Sativa) selection.

If you’re looking to find quality cannabis extracts online, you can buy Sweet Leaf Concentrates online here at TogoWeed. Whether you’re looking to buy shatter online, buy live resin online, buy HTFSE online, or buy vape carts online, we have the selection for you here. With mail order marijuana, you can buy weed online and buy concentrates online and it will be discretely delivered right to your doorstep!