Products by SeC


Products by SeC is a company based in Vancouver, BC that is widely known for their high mg content and delicious gummy edibles that they offer. Their key ingredients are high quality, made with organic cane sugar, and all lab tested.

Products by SeC only uses solvent-free THC distillate with high amount of THC always testing above 85% Delta 9 THC. They always craft clean, delicious tasting, powerful and potent gummy edibles for everyone!

They have been widely known for two of their high THC weed edibles. Their Rosebud edibles is a whooping 800mg of THC. This one is NOT recommend for beginners and are recommended for those with high tolerance or looking for a truly next level experience.

Just below that, their Butterfly High edible is scoring in at 400mg of THC. This is their second highest dosage of gummies. This one is also not recommended for beginners. We recommend this for people that are confident in eating their weed edibles and understand their personal tolerance levels.

The most popular gummy edible we have from Products by SeC is actually StarLits. It contains two gummies at 150mg each, weighing in at 300mg of THC per package. It has a delicious peaches and cream flavour, which makes it popular. The price vs quality and quantity on this one creates very high value, making this one a top seller.

Another popular product is simply their Gemmies gummies. It is only 35mg and split between 7 gems at 5mg of THC each. This is very ideal for customers who are beginning, or just looking for something low cost. You can easily dose with this one and of course, it’s DELICIOUS!

Unlike Twisted Extracts, Product by SeC does not offer their edibles with different “effects” of cannabis such as Sativa or Indica. They do offer a small selection of 1:1 and CBD edibles.

Strawberry Feels by Product by SeC is their selection of CBD edibles. It contains 2 strawberries at 25mg of CBD each, totalling 50mg of CBD per package. The huge benefit of this one is actually it’s low cost. The low cost helps you easily get your dosage of CBD with this very delicious treat! The main reason people also choose this CBD edibles is that it is great to experience the positive effects of cannabis, without anxiety!

Products by SeC also offers a best selling 1:1 product called High Seas sec. High Seas sec contains 3 gummies at 25mg of THC and 25mg of CBD each, totalling the package at 75mg of THC and 75mg of CBD. This one is a delicious treat to get a balance of THC and CBD in a tropical gummy form.

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