White Label Shatter Sweet LeafWhite Label Shatter Sweet Leaf

White Label Shatter by Sweet Leaf

(11 customer reviews)


Enjoy 1 Gram packages of White Label Shatter by Sweet Leaf Concentrates.

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11 reviews for White Label Shatter by Sweet Leaf

  1. edlessbeats

    I got the ghost train haze to some recommendations 🙂 I really like it mixed with the golden goat strain taste tropical like pineapple to me when mixed, dabs it’s pretty ligit, good price

  2. mattshatt

    Awesome price, great product. Tried MK Ultra, are food, laughed, took a nap.

  3. PV30639

    Was sugared and an odd orange colour. Though unappealing it was smokeable and potent.

  4. alf16

    2nd time ordering the White Rhino. Very smooth and very tasty! Definitely worth $30 IMO

  5. PV30639

    Third time I’ve ordered. Various strains. All sugared. Its not without its charm.

  6. PV30639

    Very clear and potent. Last batch of MK Ultra was a bit sugared but still tasted great.

  7. xxbyaaahxx

    Got the White Rhino. Was a nice smooth hit with a pretty good buzz. Totally worth the money

  8. Blotter

    Got the white rhino, it was sugared but still a few chunks when I got it but I don’t mind. Nice bright colour to it, nice taste and buzz to follow.

  9. xis4m97

    This is my favourite shatter. Specifically the White Rhino. Like no shatter compares. The colour, consistency (sugared, but easy to work with), flavour and scent are just spot on and it’s only the white label stuff!

  10. Branden W

    Had a chance to try this with a friend who ordered it. Wow. Okay. I see now. A-plus.

  11. d.spencer61395

    White rhino was tasty strong high would recommend this shatter

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