Sweet Leaf CartridgeSweet Leaf Cartridge

Vape Cartridge by Sweet Leaf

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This cartridge is compatible with any 510 thread device. If you don’t have a device or battery you can GET ONE HERE!

Each cartridge contains approximately 180 draws of high quality cannabis oil. 100% natural CO2 refined with food grade alcohol.

  • 0.5mL of distillate
  • All natural flavours
  • 510 thread



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6 reviews for Vape Cartridge by Sweet Leaf

  1. keegleburg

    – The oil is pure which is apparent from the taste, and effect.
    – The cartridge is very small and compact; great for a couple draws anytime as I vape and already have a mod*.
    – I was really happy to see that the holes inside of the cartridge were way down low….original concern of not being able to get the last bits of oil without wick burnout was dismissed!

    *Any mod will work, but make suuure you turn your device down in relation to the Ω (ohms) it detects. My cartridge is ~1.5Ω and I find that my ideal draw is at about 3.75v/8.5w. I can hit it higher (up to 12w) but find a longer hit at the lower wattage is better with the tighter air resistance this lil Sweet Leaf has.


  2. d.spencer61395

    Love the metal mouth piece and the oil is top notch. Gave a pleasant head high would recommend the death bubba

  3. martinshuk

    Oh my this is great worth the buy

  4. aabrena

    For .5ml the price could be lower but it’s a good starter cartridge to use. Easy to use and no mess/no fuss.

  5. Branden W

    Price could be lower for size but it works well enough.

  6. twall35

    Tried these carts already and loved it. So glad to see it here, pineapple express is very tasty and nice high

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