Togo THC Distillate CartridgesTogo THC Distillate Cartridges

Togo THC Distillate Cartridge – 1g

(11 customer reviews)

$50.00 $40.00

Limited Time Sale!

This cartridge is compatible with any 510 thread device. If you don’t have a device or battery you can GET ONE HERE!

  • 1.0 ml High Quality THC Distillate
  • 510 Thread Compatible Ceramic Cartridge
  • 86%+ THC Content!
  • Lab Tested Distillate

You can also save money and get variety by purchasing our 3 Togo THC Distillate Cartridge – Mix and Match.



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11 reviews for Togo THC Distillate Cartridge – 1g

  1. Jaayys97

    This is some serious stuff.. been smoking 8 years never tried THC Distillate Cartridge before. Crazy quick high almost immediately after vaping also has a nice flavor that is unexpected. Very good will be buying more

  2. Romeo

    Terps are quite flavourful making it very enjoyable to vape. Super Lemon Haze was my favourite, Lemon Lime Soda and GSC was good as well. Potency is OK, could be up a notch. For the price, can’t complain! Got the 3 pack for 110

  3. reddit1180

    First time trying THC Distillate Carts, and wow am I blown away! The flavour I got (Jack Herer) tasted amazing, and since it was a sativa it didn’t burn me out much. I would say the potency on these is a solid 8/10. These are great for portable or at-home use, I definitely recommend!

  4. Methuzelah81

    Absolutely awesome for portable use, taste is decent. High is 8-9/10. Very little comedown (at least with Jack Herer) Will definitely buy again

  5. miss_tegan

    Very smooth and noticeable lemon flavor. Would buy again

  6. David Bretherick

    I bought this along with the 510 battery pen and I have no complaints, used it last night and it gives a great full body high and also let me sleep great all night. The taste is alright I could take it or leave it but it got me high so that’s what counts anyways. I hardly used up any of the cart so it seems like it would last a long time for a light user. These will be great for the coming winter months when going outside is miserable but you don’t want to stink up the house. I’ll definitely be buying more soon.

  7. Jen858589

    I have gotten the watermelon and Jack herer they are very nice tasting and are strong I personally like the taste of the watermelon it is my favorite. Highly recommend.

  8. aabrena

    No complaints here. One of these cartridges lasts me almost a week and I’m a pretty frequent cannabis partaker. A few hits and you’re more than good. Definitely is stealthy and quick.

  9. moonrock426

    good for price, but not strong

  10. Branden W

    So portable. So discreet. I love using this everywhere.

  11. sagie12386

    Solid distillate cartidge for the price. Not much in terms of taste, but gets you blasted just fine. Have yet to compare to the other carts but for the price they get the job done and you can’t really go wrong.

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