Strawberry FeelsStrawberry Feels

Strawberry Feels (50mg CBD) by SeC

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Strawberry Feels

CBD Content: 2 gummies/25mg per gummy/50mg per package.



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5 reviews for Strawberry Feels (50mg CBD) by SeC

  1. Blitzboi98

    Good tasting.

  2. nickbiscuit98

    They were nice.

  3. alf16

    I do like Sec gummies a lot but I didn’t feel much pain or anxiety relief with these. Flavourful though!

  4. koreyboosting

    i had a chance to try this due to being given the wrong item on an order i received
    they didn’t do anything and had 0 effect

  5. martinshuk

    they look really trippy and taste good.

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