Starlits SEXStarlits SEX

StarLits (300mg) by SeC

(18 customer reviews)


Peaches & Cream StarLits Gummies

THC Content: 2 gummies/150mg per gummy/300mg per package.



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18 reviews for StarLits (300mg) by SeC

  1. Dil38

    Very trustworthy, properly dosed, great value for sec

  2. ChiefAxel

    First time trying edibles, and I love this product. Potent, great high, and awesome value!

  3. gta4fan2009

    Proper dosage in these gummies for sure, liking the flavour on these a little less marijuana taste than others too, im satisfied.

  4. stevenmark1978

    One of these made for a very pleasant Saturday. I took half around lunch and the other half in the late afternoon. A nice heavy blissful buzz, but not incapacitating. Taste is fantastic as well, like peach cream soda. Will definitely purchase again.

  5. SportsGuy1

    Great deal for potent edibles! Not for beginners…. at all…

  6. Jen858589

    I liked these the flavor was taste but didnt find it to be as potent as the jelly bombs. Good for first time users.

  7. biglebowski34

    Great product and flavor. taste and chewiness all good. however, in keeping with tgw rating system, i think it’s fair to give 4/5 because my package wasn’t as potent as the single jelly bomb i ordered from twisted extracts.

  8. alf16

    These are great! Correct dosage and great flavour as always.

  9. mustytoast38

    Good taste, however, found it less potent than the mile high mint canabar (which was dosed at 210 mg). I ate both back to back.

  10. martinshuk

    taste great worth the buy great high.

  11. moonrock426

    very strong high. very nice.

  12. Mel

    Was great as usual, awesome taste, awesome price, awesome high

  13. Emmanuele Petruzzelli

    Nice and strong, not over powering. Great flavour also, not too gummy.

  14. Cassandra Stewart

    I love the edibles by SeC. These are top quality and haven’t disappointed me yet. Medicated for hours and hours, super strong for me, and they taste great too!

  15. DMunnz

    Great value, very strong high, really good stuff!

  16. Jaayys97

    Proper dosage, Great product. really enjoyed it

  17. cadabberduck

    1 Word… WOW! a star a day keeps the frowns away another great buzz by SeC I’ll be ordering may more of these the high was smooth lasted a long time and the flavour isnt bad either 5 stars for sure

  18. Blotter

    Sec is always on point! Packs a good lunch.

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