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Star Cookies (AAAA) – Hierba

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Craft Cannabis by Hierba

Star Cookies is a rare cross between the infamous Girl Scout Cookies x Stardawg. This strain offers a creamy cookies profile and is a nice hybrid strain.

Notes: Absolutely stunning buds and colour, also a nice cookies blend!

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Star Cookies Effects and Attributes

Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric

Flavours: Berry, Grape, Sweet

Star Cookies

50% Indica / 50% Sativa

THC: 21% – 27%

Bred by Top Dawg Seeds, Star Cookie crosses GSC and Stardawg to create a delicious trichome-packed strain. Big buds come from GSC genetics with a heavy dose of resin thanks to the Stardawg influence. Star Cookie buds offer a creamy cookies terpene profile that balances out the more potent gassy and piney influences.

3 reviews for Star Cookies (AAAA) – Hierba

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  1. bigbadgreg30

    Probably my favourite strain here. Got a few absolutely huge nugs in my half oz, and the high was unreal. Probably getting the full oz next time.

  2. Greatape

    Just incredible!There is no info online about this cross so I’ll be a little long winded here. Absolutely plastered in trichs. Smells of Cookie dough and gas.The picture is 100% accurate.Just gorgeous buds.What a wonderful high as well,not racy but strong and clear. Exactly what I was looking for when I convinced myself to treat myself with a true quad.
    As a 30 year enthusiast I can honestly say this is in the top 3 bud as far as perfect quality and effect goes. And of course perfect transaction with Togo as always.As close to perfection as I’ve ever seen.

  3. Ducky

    Great smoke, not as smooth as some other strains but the high is great.