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Rosebud (800mg) by SeC

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Rosebuds Gummies

THC Content: 1 gummies/800mg per gummy/800mg per package.

The Rosebud is SeC’s highest dosage gummy, at a WHOPPING 800mg of THC extract, this is a treat that is meant for users to experience the butterfly effect.



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7 reviews for Rosebud (800mg) by SeC

  1. martinshuk

    taste great worth the buy great high.

  2. moonrock426

    800mg!! gets u absolutely merked out of ur mind.

  3. Billy

    Amazing and great tasting edible that gives you the maximum bang for a buck. You can make it last for a long time by just eating small pieces at a time.

  4. moonrock426

    just one leaf will send you to the fourth dimension

  5. sonya fortin

    Fantastic! Good taste, great high

  6. cadabberduck

    what can i say that hasn’t already been said? Pure awesomeness best edible i ever ate will definitely be ordering more of these in the future

  7. aabrena

    If 800 doesn’t do it for you, I’d like to meet you.

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