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QP (1/4) Mix and Match

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With our QP Mix & Match Pack, you have the option to build your own QP. This deal allows you to choose any four strains (excluding AAAA) to create a personalized QP (1/4lb) package.  This QP Mix & Match Pack is a cost-effective way for to get exactly what you’re looking for, while saving money on variety.

Each strain comes in a 28 gram (1oz) variation for a total of 112grams (4oz).

Looking for something? If you are looking for something that is not on the QP list, please send an e-mail to [email protected] and we can make a custom one for you. For example, if there is a AAA/AAAA that is not listed, we can typically add it for you for an additional surcharge to upgrade.

  • Nuken AAA marijuana strain
    Nuken (AAA)
    Choose an Option (gms):
    28g (1oz)
  • Pink Tuna strain
    Pink Tuna (AAA)
    Choose an Option (gms):
    28g (1oz)
  • Tuna Kush 2
    Tuna Kush (AAA)
    Choose an Option (gms):
    28g (1oz)
  • Sweet Tooth
    Sweet Tooth (AAA) - SWEET DEAL
    Choose an Option (gms):
    28g (1oz)

    Out of stock

  • Bubba OG strain
    Bubba OG (AAA)
    Choose an Option (gms):
    28g (1oz)

    Out of stock

  • Platinum Kush
    Platinum Kush (AAA)
    Choose an Option (gms):
    28g (1oz)
  • Cletus Pink
    Pink (AA)
    Choose an Option (gms):
    28g (1oz)
  • Purple OG 2
    Purple OG #2 (AAA)
    Choose an Option (gms):
    28g (1oz)

    Out of stock

  • Black Diamond Nuken
    Black Diamond x Nuken (AAA)
    Choose an Option (gms):
    28g (1oz)
  • Gods Green Crack
    God's Green Crack (AAA)
    Choose an Option (gms):
    28g (1oz)

    Out of stock

  • Death Bubba strain
    Death Bubba (AAA)
    Choose an Option (gms):
    28g (1oz)
  • Island Pink aaa
    Island Pink (AAA)
    Choose an Option (gms):
    28g (1oz)
  • Gods Bubba
    God's Bubba (AAA)
    Choose an Option (gms):
    28g (1oz)
  • God Bud aa
    God Bud (AA) - OZ SPECIAL
    Choose an Option (gms):
    28g (1oz)
  • Orange Hill
    Orange Hill Special (AAA)
    Choose an Option (gms):
    28g (1oz)
  • Black Diamond AA
    Black Diamond (AA) - $98 OZ SPECIAL
    Choose an Option (gms):
    28g (1oz)

    Out of stock

  • Gelato aaa
    Gelato (AAA)
    Choose an Option (gms):
    28g (1oz)
  • Pink Sugar Kush
    Pink Sugar Kush (AA) - OZ SPECIAL
    Choose an Option (gms):
    28g (1oz)
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16 reviews for QP (1/4) Mix and Match

  1. Dee

    QP was amazing, got gsc, bubba og and ggc all great strains, the bud was fantastic and the deal was really good definitely worth it

  2. Tinbanger98

    Just received my package today, AMAZING buds! Grabbed GSC, death bubba, tuna Kush, and black diamond! Deal is awesome and the bud is even better!

  3. Jen858589

    I am so happy they often this I enjoy getting different kinds but also having the option of get 4 of the same kinds is awesome. I enjoy mostly all these strains everyone I know as agrees.

  4. goldstar89

    Excellent value. Exactly what I ordered. Arrived quick with no problems. Accurate description.

  5. BigBunsen98

    Amazing deal would order again!

  6. koreyboosting

    I ordered this twice so far no complaints!
    i was able to get it for $450.00

    strains: bubba og #2 , girl scout cookies , alien bubba , g13!

  7. martinshuk

    cheap and great buds! Worth the buy!

  8. martinshuk

    taste great, smells amazing! Always a good buy!

  9. koreyboosting

    girl scout cookies
    bubba kush #2
    alien bubba

    3/4 of them were solid the alien bubba not so much

  10. moonrock426

    finna get this w the boys soon. looking forward to getting that chocolatina, gsc, choc. violator, and some gorilla glue!

  11. Brady

    Got some Alien Bubba, GSC, GG#4 and Mataro Blue. All them are super fire! Alien Bubba is probably my favourite out of the 4. Can’t go wrong with any of them tho. Exceeded my expectations👍

  12. Sleeper

    Always happy with the qp mix & match! Thanks for always hookin it up!

  13. koreyboosting

    Alien dawg 7.5/10 ~
    Purple OG 7.5-8/10
    Cookies Kush 7-8/10
    Snow white haven’t tried it yet~

  14. koreyboosting

    sour og
    pink tuna
    and something else
    it was fire 😀 thanks for the deal

  15. liamb

    Wow! fantastic batch. also the $8 shipping upgrade was worth it for me because they delivered on a sunday. 3.5 days to my door in stoney creek.

    10/10 for the price, $480/QP, thats $120/oz.. Honestly if you smoke a lot of weed, this could be perfect for you.

    I got: gsc, bubba og, Black diamond x nuken and death bubba. they all seem nice and sticky, pinching them leaves an imprint. I have only tested the girl-scout-cookies#2, it was very strong for me and I smoke 4-6 times a day, so I have a decent tolerance for THC. the smoke was smooth and it had a nice flavour to it.

  16. F

    Great quality and price. Well packed. Ship quickly.

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