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Purple OG (AAAA)

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$7.57 – $10.00/gram $7.14 – $10.00/gram 

Note: Buds are a nicely caked with beautiful foxtail shape. May have a few leaves between foxtails.

Have some snacks ready before testing out this extremely potent indica. Providing users with both an intense head and body heavy sensation, Purple OG is one of the more popular medical strains.

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Purple OG

Indica Dominant Hybrid

THC: 16% – 20%

Have some snacks ready before testing out this extremely potent indica. Providing users with both an intense head and body heavy sensation, Purple OG  is one of the more popular medical strains. With a thick aroma of musty berries and pine, the smell and taste of this strain are as strong as the effects themselves. Purple OG may cause you to feel sleepy, cloudy, and unfocused, making this strain perfect for nighttime use. Both new and experienced users should use this strain cautiously, as a little goes a very long way.
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12 reviews for Purple OG (AAAA)

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  1. moonrock426

    fire ass strain for sure!

  2. SatchmoColtrane

    I’ve purchased the majority of the different quads that Togo offers. This stuff isn’t quads in my opinion. Heavy couch lock high, buds are pretty dense and do have some decent crystal. Smell is lacking by a lot, smells like hay when I cracked the bag which was off putting for sure. Overall I don’t think this qualifies as a quad. Quads in my opinion should look, smell and taste great with a strong high. I’m glad I purchased this during the ‘throw in a quarter for 40’ special cause if I would have paid full price I would have been disappointed for sure. In my opinion the Pink Death, Violator, Kush Mints and their Elmer’s Glue are much better choices.

  3. coq

    Very nice dense buds, lots of crystals. Smell is not overpowering at all, I would say it’s floral, earthy, with a hint of gas. Burns light ash, heavy Indica. Highly recommended

  4. charliesandeman50

    Very relaxing without too much sleepiness. Great for my hypomania, calmed my body and mind down so much.

  5. Maxagorn31

    Great smell, great couch netlix strain, Dense buds and awesome crystals. 100% recommend

  6. Josh Scott

    Awesome looking pointy buds with lots of resin build up. Tastes quite nice and the high is a nice sedative one

  7. Anthony Polillo

    Beautiful looking buds with tons of crystal. Great smell and tastes awesome in the vape.

  8. Tinbanger98

    Grabbed a Q for $40! Awesome indica bud, great to smoke right before bed!!

  9. Blotter

    Always glad to open my package and see this as a freebie. Got it a couple times now and it’s great. Nice foxtail shape, loaded with trichomes and packs a nice punch.

  10. Trip32

    Great night time smoke. Pretty heavy.

  11. spiderfan3030

    Very, very smooth dang. Came a bit dry but nicely caked, smokes down to a pure white ash to the end of a joint, very clean. Good effects, sedating but not debilitating, but definitely has power behind it.

  12. DougB

    After being sceptical of the A rating system (and usually buying AA for the price) I got some of this with the 7/40 August promo and love it. Great flavour for vaping and an uplifting head buzz for me.