Platinum KushPlatinum Kush

Platinum Kush (AAA)

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Platinum Kush is an indica-dominant strain that takes on a nice platinum-silver shade due to its nice layer of crystal trichomes. It has a nice kushy smell and flavour with a blend of sweetness and nuttiness.

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  • Popcorn/Smalls Ounce (28 grams) = $135
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Platinum Kush Effects and Attributes

Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Sleepy, Hungry

Flavours: Earthy, Kush, Sweet, Nutty

Platinum Kush

90% Indica / 10% Sativa

The sedating high from this indica is perfect for a night of anxiety-free relaxation. Platinum Kush gets its name from its frosty appearance, a result of the dense trichomes that grow on the bud. THC levels vary, but are usually in the 16%-18% range.  This strain has a sweet, pungent smell reminiscent of fruit and a sweet, earthy taste. Platinum Kush, aka Platinum OG Kush and Platinum OG, is probably the result of crossbreeding between Master Kush and an original Afghani strain. Platinum Kush produces a mellow, easy feeling; the high doesn’t last very long, but it’s usually enough to put an insomniac to sleep.

4 reviews for Platinum Kush (AAA)

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  1. Blotter

    Nice stuff for a AAA. Got nice big fat nugs with a nice cure. Smell is decent, taste is good, not very kushy but it’s there. Decent biz as well.

  2. Jen858589

    I personally am not a fan of the Platinum strain family but with that being said this definitely was good stuff. It was earthy and nutty. If you like the cookie kush one togo has I’ll like this one.

  3. Great Smoke

    Got a free popcorn sample of this. Really tiny and real dense nugs that taste real good when vaped with big hints of grape. I will probably order this next

  4. SatchmoColtrane

    Got the popcorn samples of this twice now. A nice straightforward Kush. Clean smoke, decent taste and solid indica high. Nothing absolutely spectacular but certainly a great budget smoke for sure.