Pink Nuken

Pink Nuken (AA)

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Enjoy a nice blend between Nuken and Pink Kush. This Indica dominant strain has your earthy scent of Nuken, but marshmallow like sweetness blended with gas. Decently caked as well!

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Pink Nuken

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Pink Kush crossed with Nuken. Nuken is a mostly indica cross between Kish and God Bud. It has balanced effects – strong enough to deal with pain but leaving you functional enough to do social activities. Pink Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid with strong body effects. In its exceptional variations, pinkish hairs twirling in green buds nicely sugared with trichomes, with traces of a sweet vanilla and candy perfume. This strain is usually quite potent and is commonly used for pain, insomnia, and appetite loss.

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15 reviews for Pink Nuken (AA)

  1. Jen858589

    I really am happy with this pink nuken it is my favorite triple a stuff. It has the classic nuken taste but with the pink sweet taste so it is sweet and earthy as well. If you are a fan of the pink strains this one I definitely recommend for you.

  2. Jordan

    Amazing stuff for the price! I’m an avid smoker and this stuff made me feel the way I felt when I first started smoking.
    The shipping is very confusing. Said it would be here within 3 days then I got a tracking number and the date was for June 5th. So I had to order from my usual site and then had all of it come on the same day. Which was the 30th of May. That was upsetting! Considering I’m only allowed an OZ at once. But it was good stuff.

  3. benjaminbeardmore

    Solid for the price! I received mostly smaller popcorn bugs but still a fair amount of crystal and a little bit of purple. Not as good as other stuff I’ve order but for $110 I’m more than happy with the smoke!

  4. Josh Scott

    Super happy with this purchase! Awesome price and awesome bud! Nice pink strain with great taste on inhale and exhale!

  5. loonsy

    You can’t go wrong for the price. It’s mostly popcorn buds but it’s honestly pretty potent. It gives me a nice, fat head buzz and I love it for wake n’ baking.

  6. DanielleAshley26

    Just received my oz in the mail today and it’s awesome for the price! I’m definitely a fan of togoweed’s prices and will be a returning customer. 🙋🏼‍♀️❤️

  7. xfx12

    Small buds but smells and tastes wonderful, gives a nice heavy head high.

  8. prettyinpink_4316

    Alright sized buds smells really good tho

  9. Josh Scott

    Second bag of Pink Nuken I have bought, same quality as first just a little stemy compared to first bag. Overall really good for price [email protected]

  10. aabrena

    Good bang for your buck. Was a little stemmy but it wasn’t a make it or break it kind of thing. Smoked well in a water pipe. Tasted good on the Solo.

  11. Petergrowman94

    Nice buds,Great Dank Nuken Smell,Same good taste, great power for price.

  12. martinshuk

    For the price you can not go wrong

  13. ThcIs4Me79

    First time using this site,took couple extra days, but who knows what Canada Post does😄
    Buds seem to be a little on the fresh side, joints not burning the best. But tastes great in da bong

  14. aydencaron35

    Super sticky, smoked great in the bong and a joint!

  15. NoAdeptness

    Great buy for 110. Faint smell of fruit, burns nicely and delivers a great experience. Would buy again for sure!

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