Pink Death (AAAA)

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Note: Bag may contain smaller buds. Buds may also stick together because it is mad, mad sticky.

Pink Death is a cross between Pink Kush x Death Bubba, this stuff packs a serious punch so tread with caution. Beautifully crystallized buds with nice green colour to it. Smells of sweetness and gas when opening the bag.

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Pink Death

75% Indica / 25% Sativa

THC: 19-27%

Pink Death is a cross between Pink Kush x Death Bubba, this stuff packs a serious punch so tread with caution. These buds are covered in caking and crystals giving it an extremely frosted look, and don’t forget about the beautiful green tones, truly a beautiful bud! Pink Death is a strain for a lazy day or a relaxing evening as you may find yourself couch ridden afterwards. The smell is a nice sweet, gassy explosion as you open it up!

Flavours: Sweet, Earthy, Pungent


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25 reviews for Pink Death (AAAA)

  1. daxtin1997

    Wow, this stuff is sticky. I opened the bag and it was stuck together like a brick, the buds are a Beautiful deep purple, pink and green. Tons of trichomes and the terps on this bud are amazing. Sweet, gassy sent that translates into a spicy/gassy taste
    The potency exceeded my expectations and I found myself asleep for 3 hours after two small bowls. Overall it’s definitely worth the price.

  2. littykitty

    I only bought this because I like TGW’s mids. I usually don’t spend high anymore due to mediocre weed at this price from my previous MOMs. I don’t buy CRAFT because I find that stuff pretty hype. This stuff is 100% the definition of DANK. Very sticky stuff and you can SMELL the potency before you even smoke it. The high is amazingly potent with a very relaxing feeling. Pretty much a stress killer than will put me to sleep. This is the best stuff I’ve smoked all year and I smoke about 3-4 ounces a month (yes I need a T break). I am shocked at the price even though it’s on TGW’s higher side. This is the one strain that I know I will be reordering again.

  3. nickbiscuit98

    Got this as as a freebie and holy shit. True quad, nice and sticky well cured. Bag appeal is a 10. Smokes amazing as well.

  4. Blitzboi98

    Really nice caked buds with overall great look, smell and taste with a smooth smoke. I love it.

  5. Puffpanda

    2 classic strains making a great baby. Same as above I got this for my free 8th, their description is bang on. Smells, looks, feels and tastes great. A tiny bowl in my solo 2 gave me at least 20 hits.
    I’m cheap so not sure I’ll buy 200+ ozs but this is a fine strain.

  6. Trip32

    Strong smell, sticky buds, smooth smoke. A nice potent strain. Got a as freebie.

  7. MarkFloyd

    Wow. Tasty, heavy, and just awesome to look at. Very gassy too.
    Night night.

  8. Erica Smith

    This is my go to for pain and sleeping issues

  9. Jen858589

    I got this as a freebie and I am so impressed with it the smell is sweet while the taste was more like gas and sweet it is as good as violator and their other quad a’s. Thank you

  10. Kris

    Got this as my sample and Oh my god! This is everything I could have asked for from an indica! Sticky as ever too! Thankyou! I will be back!

  11. Dee

    Smaller buds but super caked and amazing structure, very potent indica high, definitely a quad

  12. Hayden

    This was exactly what I was looking for! An absolute knock out, a true quad in every fashion 👍 1 bowl and I’m relaxed for 4 hours, 2 bowls and I’m holding on for dear life and my body melts into a puddle of jello bliss !

    This was my first purchase with Togo but will not be my last! Thank you for A+++++ service!

  13. Deano26

    The description doesn’t lie! This is a great quad with incredible potency. Buds were fat, sticky, and caked.

  14. Eric

    Got it as a freebie. Tasted gorgeous hit me real heavy in the body! Would recommend highly.

  15. BlackSmokie

    Jesus fucking shit. This is the best thing I smoked in awhile. Better than BKG strain and better priced too. Will be picking up a QP if it’s an option. The buds are sticky as fuck, the potency is incredible, the effect is a pure peace and serenity feeling when playing the right tunes. This one made my body melt and relieved all my stress and anxiety. Smoke was smooth, burn was smooth. First time Togo buyer and I am impressed!

  16. steeloo4702

    Got a free eighth of this from a coupon and man this is some of the best I’ve ever smoked. True quad. Everything on point. Smells like straight gas and smokes super smooth. Tastes great and is potentt

  17. Rdietrich07

    Great flavor and potiency. Probaly best for night time but 100% worth grabbing.

  18. benjaminbeardmore

    Revieved this as part of the raptors promotion, not sure if it was because of the deal but I got smaller popcorn nugs. Very dense and sticky! Got me very high but again I would have liked to have at least one or two regular sized nugs. However at the price I got it for it was a great deal! This stuff is caked

  19. awin

    i just did my first bong rip & have been smoking sativa waiting for my indica order to come in-

    smooth and creamy gassy taste, as soon as i set the bong down from the rip i felt it- can’t wait to finish this buster full and watch netflix

  20. BigBunsen98

    The buds are caked on this stuff! They’re a bit fluffier but it’s a great smoke. Awesome before bed

  21. Petergrowman94

    Amazing PinkDeath,Look,Smell,Taste,High,both top notch True quad,and fair price,way better from Pink Kush.Custom Service Super,and Shipping Fast and Free.

  22. Dissident12

    Wonderful grow. Got the raptors promotion, smaller buds but I expect that somewhat with the amount. Wonderful smell and taste of exactly the perfect mix of the two strains and honestly everything I could ask for. The only reason I remove one star is that the normal price is out of my range but at promotion i couldn’t pass it up and couldn’t be happier with quality, it packs it all. Thank you Togo you guys do it right. Go raptors

  23. xfx12

    Top notch in every regard, very pleasant taste and smell. potent as hell, definitely a night time treat

  24. joshwalker-25

    Extremely potent, knocks me out everytime.

  25. spiderfan3030

    Received as sample. Wild stuff, very potent, incredible aesthetics. Very sticky, range of deep colors, extremely medicating. Impressed.

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