Orange Pine Sol

Orange Pine Sol (AAAA)

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80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Orange Pine Sol is one of Hierba’s latest craft cannabis releases. It is a cross between Orange Tree and Pine Sol OG.

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Orange Pine Sol


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8 reviews for Orange Pine Sol (AAAA)

  1. Lucas21

    Thank you to togoteam for the sample … now the review .. the taste and smell is amazing but it is less potent then black roses which is 140 … it’s good weed but kinda pricey

  2. mister

    Each bud was very caked, smell is very very strong like the name, incredible smoke and high. Must try even if it is 7g.

  3. Beez

    This is a very unique strain. The smell is exactly like oranges and cleaner. The taste is very similar with the chemical taste translating to a more diesel taste. The effects on this are very strong! For the current discounted price this is some great craft cannabis!


    The bud and smell are amazing, very cakey but not as potent as i thought for the price. I don’t smoke alone at home and my family thought the same thing, over all the service is PERFECT!!!

  5. Tkdro73

    I didnt like the smell or taste much on this one. It did get me high with average potency effects, but I expect more from a quad at this price.

  6. koreyboosting

    THis strain is indeed unique because of its inhale/exhale it’s impossible to describe but the high is really mellow especially for a quad need 3-4 bowls to feel a potent high

  7. Cannabis Enthusiast

    This may be one of the best tasting strains I have vaped. Hierba definitely puts out some very flavorful cannabis, Im hoping ToGo can source some of their apple pie as its the best sativa i’ve ever had.

    I only got a quarter of the orange pine sol and still received good size nugs that seem to be perfectly cured and very fragrant.

    The high from this strain is very relaxing and indica dominant while still being functional as well. The potency is there but it doesnt glue me to the couch.

    I would not say that there is any chemically smell/taste with this strain as the name suggests. I get pretty much straight orange smell/flavour with hints of skunkiness (in a good way)

  8. nukelukem69

    Absolutely love the taste of this strain! Amazing bag appeal. Beautiful buds and very strong smell. Expected more potency for the price but overall I’m really enjoying this strain. Good job to Heirba for flavour and smell.

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