MK Ultra marijuana strainMK Ultra marijuana strain

MK Ultra (AAA)

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MK Ultra is an Indica-dominant strain that is known for its powerful cerebral effects. It is known to be one of the strongest Indica strains out there and its power recommended to be saved for hanging out around the couch and not doing so much.

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MK Ultra Effects and Attributes

Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy, Euphoric, Hungry Flavours: Earthy, Woody, Pungent

MK Ultra

Indica Dominant Hybrid

THC: 18% – 23%

MK Ultra is an indica-dominant strain that stands apart due to its powerful cerebral effects. A cross between mostly-sativa hybrid OG Kush and indica G-13, this strain is bred by T.H. Seeds and won 1st place Indica at theHigh Times Cannabis Cup in 2003 and 2nd place in 2004. MK Ultra is renowned for its ‘hypnotic’ effects that are fast-acting and best used when strong medication is desired. As evidenced by its collection of awards, this indica is one of the strongest in the world. It might be best for a day when not getting off the couch would be fine.
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5 reviews for MK Ultra (AAA)

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  1. Trip32

    Got this as a popcorn freebie. Good taste, nice high.

  2. Josh Scott

    Amazing looking tight dark buds packed with resin. Smokes great and tastes phenomenal!

  3. Jen858589

    I got some popcorn buds of this on my first smelled this one it was sweet and pungent and I really liked the smell.I rolled a joint if it and the smell didn’t transpire through for me I found it to be a little bland.

  4. goldstar89

    I find MK ultra to be a bit lacking in the taste but it does do the job. Not as strong of a high as I’d hoped. Slight trippy feeling I’ve had before with MK. Good if you’re looking for a smooth hitting bud.

  5. xfx12

    Really enjoyed it, I found it to be very tasty and a tiny bit spicy iirc. Buds were gorgeous.