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Mixed Buds – 28g (1oz)

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If you’re not picky, want to save money, or just plain love surprises, why not try our Mixed Buds?

Expect more Indica dominant strains, and some hybrids, maybe even the odd sativa strains.

You may get large big nugs, you may get some smalls, you may get AA to AAAA strains, it’s mixed and a surprise.

We love to have fun with it, so let us know what you think!

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Surprise! Mixed Buds!

7 reviews for Mixed Buds – 28g (1oz)

  1. prettyinpink_4316

    Okay for the price of 95 I’m really happy I picked this up ! I was a little sceptical at first because I didn’t know what to expect but for the 95 you get what you pay for and it isn’t a disappointment!

  2. Bixby72

    Very impressed with my first bag of mixed buds, nice variety of good quality buds. Will definitely order this again.

  3. JH9324

    Really enjoying this product! Decent value for money. Will purchase again!

  4. Blotter

    Great option for the price. My bag seem to have mostly the same strain with a few smalls thrown in. I would order again for some discount bud.

  5. Marc

    Bring this back please!


    So, i don’t know if i lucked out or what… but it smells like cheese… maybe about 70% is this cheesy strain… So nice and sticky, and stanky! and i get this amazing happy buzz after a little hit. seriously guys. k i think i lucked out.

    also they threw in a free 2g sampler so thanks for that!! its a AAA indica hybrid. i think i prefer the cheesey weed TBH… 😀

    honestly, i’m pretty damn happy for what i got for $98.

  7. joshwalker-25

    Really enjoyed this nice sized buds well worth the price nice mix of buds

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