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Chocolate Almond Bar (300mg THC) by Mary’s Medibles

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Chocolate Almond Bar

THC Content: 1 bar/300mg per bar/300mg per package.





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5 reviews for Chocolate Almond Bar (300mg THC) by Mary’s Medibles

  1. DMunnz

    Very potent, not quite as tasty as the mint chocolate bar, though maybe I just don’t like the taste of Almonds as much as I thought!

  2. Dissident

    Had this recently. A little overpowering on flavour but certainly proper effects

  3. Branden W

    Almond, chocolate, THC. What more can I say? Just don’t eat it all at once if you want to be remotely functional.

  4. aabrena

    Tasted great. Worked amazing. Guy above was right, don’t take it all at once. You’ll end up going to bed early.

  5. Branden W

    Tasty AF. Couldn’t tell there was anything in there flavour-wise. But it DOES work.

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