Jack Herer x Bruce BannerJack Herer x Bruce Banner

Jack Herer x Bruce Banner (AAAA)

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Meet two legendary strains that come together to form a powerful Sativa dominant hybrid. Jack Herer x Bruce Banner offers a clean and potent burst of energy that will get you happy and uplifted.

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Jack Herer x Bruce Banner

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Meet two legendary strains that come together to form a powerful Sativa dominant hybrid. Jack Herer x Bruce Banner offers a clean and potent burst of energy that will get you happy and uplifted. Bruce Banner is a powerful strain whose effects come on quickly and strong and then tend to settle into a euphoric and creative buzz. Jack Herer offers a blissful, clear-headed, and creative high.

Effects: Happy, Uplifted, Energetic, Euphoric, Focused

Flavours: Earthy, Woody, Sweet

19 reviews for Jack Herer x Bruce Banner (AAAA)

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  1. uvesrajput

    I didn’t order an oz but got 1/8th free with my order. TBH this is one of the craziest I’ve smoked from here. Nice smell. A very smooth burn and amazing taste.

  2. SmokeyHomie

    Very clean feeling high. Good smoke for parties. Definitely a special treat, would recommend!

  3. spiderfan3030

    Received as sample that not as much to look at to compare to full buds but sample was fresh and fragrant, not overly sticky but carried a pleasant tropical-haze aroma. More foggy than clear headed for me but definitely energizing.

  4. xfx12

    Awesome stuff. Gave me an intense and unique head high

  5. Zypherion62

    Excellent strain, absolutely caked out with a great smell and nice clean white ash burn.

    5/5 taste
    5/5 bud appeal
    5/5 smoke

    Overall: 5/5 would recommend to friends.

  6. jdawson.smith

    Kind of disappointing, didn’t look or hit like a quad in my opinion.

  7. hollow1367

    For $220 this is absolute garbage. It has almost no smell, the trim is terrible amd tge taste is non existent. If this is the standard for AAAA now at Togo this will be my last purchase. This is AAA- at BEST. Very disappointed I definetly wasted my money on this. They told me this was fire when i emailed them, it’s absolutely not.

  8. Benzalac29

    This isn’t the best looking bud. Smell and taste not really noticeable, but it seemed to Get me high enough to function during the day.

    Torn on this, I mean it does the trick but I think it might not belong in the quad A grouping, more of a triple A to me.

    Would recommend if cheaper pricing options were available.

  9. Uvi

    Nice taste and good smell. Some buds are not dense tho. But still nice to smoke in the daytime.

  10. uvesrajput

    Smells good. Nice Sativa. Buds are massive.

  11. CallMeG

    Wow! Might not the prettiest in terms of its cut and structure, but all buds are covered in their frost. Smells a nice lemon jack scent. Amazing day time smoke, smooth and energizing.

  12. mkultra41641

    Very nice daytime smoke. Deserves an extra half star rating.

  13. Bloodclaat612

    Excellent bud. Only smoke a single pape of this stuff, very potent.

  14. uvesrajput

    Amazing. I love this strain. I was looking for Jack Herrer and found a mixed one. But this one won’t let you down.

  15. bigbadgreg30

    This was my go-to if I wanted a nice mental lift with some body effects.

  16. teddy

    I got it because I thought it was good for pain, and it’s alright. Better for mood stuff.

  17. SportsGuy1

    Excellent smooth clean smoke! Great high too!

  18. k.woolridge

    Great to start your day uplifting energized 👍👍

  19. William Groves

    Bit surprised, but satisfied!. As a sativa smoker Jack Herer has been my holy grail anytime i find it. The smell and the taste are so pine heavy. Not to mention the amazing uplifting high it gives.

    Unfortunately when i opened this bag of this “quad” today It had ZERO smell and no pine taste i’m used to. If anything it has a weird slight sweet smell? This product was on sale for 200$ an OZ down from 240 when purchased this week. The trimming on the buds was sloppy for a quad however it does smoke smooth finishing with clean white ash. I would recommend this be looked at more as a AAA then a quad.

    I will give 3.5 star review for the bud. But a 5 star for customer service! Also their packaging and delivery were top notch. I live in calgary and the order was on my door in 2 days. Website is also very clean and informative.