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Indica Cara-Melts (80mg THC) by Twisted Extracts

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Indulge with our creamy, chewy Cannabis-infused caramels. Each bag of Indica Cara-melts contains eight (8) 10 mg THC caramels made with an Indica Cannabis extract ideal for helping you relax and unwind at the end of the day.


  • 8 x 10mg THC caramels
  • 80 mg THC per package

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8 reviews for Indica Cara-Melts (80mg THC) by Twisted Extracts

  1. SportsGuy1

    Love how easy these are to dose/share!

  2. ztru3

    Tasty, would recommend to beginners

  3. drtypntyz46

    Thoroughly enjoyed these candies. Great taste, not to weed tasting. Great for small doses.

  4. martinshuk

    will have you on your ass!

  5. spiderfan3030

    Very very tasty, much prefer these to the jelly bombs. Nice for micro-dosing or for persons with low tolerance or when you just want a slight boost without full effects.

  6. goldstar89

    Very strong high. Taste great! Will buy again.

  7. DMunnz

    Great taste, good potency, get hard to chew within a day or two of opening.

  8. SportsGuy1

    Had some of these saved up from a previous order… forgot how good they were! 5 stars for sure!

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