HTFSE Cartridge by HVE

(23 customer reviews)


This cartridge is compatible with any 510 thread device. If you don’t have a device or battery you can GET ONE HERE!

  • 1.0 ml High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract
  • CCell Technology for High Viscosity Oils
  • 510 Threaded Connection
  • Made by High Voltage Extracts

You can also save money and get variety by purchasing our 3 High Voltage Extracts Cartridges – Mix and Match.

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23 reviews for HTFSE Cartridge by HVE

  1. Trip32

    Best carts on the market, hands down. Nice high from the Wifi OG, great taste and smooth on the lungs.

  2. Trip32

    Romulan is another winner. Nice indica effects and the taste can’t be beat! Full spectrum is the only way to go.

  3. Trip32

    Gave the sour amnesia a go, very strong effects, much stronger than I expected from a sativa. Great buy.

  4. Trip32

    Island pink for the win! Awesome cartridges.

  5. Rumble750

    Island pink is my favourite out of the 3 I got. The value of it is pretty damn good. I recommend the mix and match. Price is the best I’ve seen so far and buying it from Togo just gives me the extra assurance!

  6. pvirdi

    Never tried a cart from HVE and ToGo before but wow. The cheesequake cart is real nice and smooth with an amazing high, im going to be trying out another one of the strains for sure sometime soon. ToGo packed and secured the cart really nicely which relieved the stress of worrying about a broken cart. Really happy so far as a new customer.

  7. Abe

    I’m a new adept of vaping carts since start of year, long time smoker. I got to compare 2 dozens variety of carts, rso, oils, concentrates, and those are the sweetest of the bunch. Wifi OG, Island Pink and Romulan, all I have no regret and treat them as my luxury cake. I love the carts design too, best I’v used so far, I wish I could refill one when it’s empty but couldn’t open without breaking. Highly recommend, top product guys… nice job HVE! Now please refill the inventory!!!

  8. Duggyfresh

    The Wifi OG was great, thanks to Trip32 for the recommendation. The effects are strong yet allow you to function and keep a positive attitude. These are the best carts I have tried.

  9. d.spencer61395

    Romluan and strawberry fields are both winners in my books and plan on buying again

  10. martinshuk

    Great stuff buy it while you can

  11. koreyboosting

    I tried the romulan it’s really good probably even or better then bc1 vape carts.

  12. Christpuncher

    Great carts, Citrique tastes awesome!

  13. andrewnassar

    Best vape carts!! Better than DD all day

  14. MrMister

    Really liking the SFV OG strain, hits clean and like always its smooth.

  15. Emmanuele Petruzzelli

    Best carts available right now. I tried the Romulan and the Purple Kandy and the taste is unreal. It actually tastes like you’re taking a dab, and they don’t plug up either.

  16. sunbebe14

    First time buying a cartridge and I couldn’t be happier that I finally decided to give it a try. I bought pineapple og, it tastes just like dabs.. great product!!!

  17. Trip32

    Death bubba is excellent

  18. Trip32

    Haven’t had a bad one yet. Black lime is a killer!

  19. Rollme1kenobi

    I feel like saying “The emperor has no clothes”, because I bought a number of these carts based on reviews and the sole Reddit thread, and they’re garbage. Even with my high tolerance, the 1 gram BC Vapes keep me happy as they’re potent. I ordered 12 HVE carts. Most of them tasted the same, and I had almost no effect from any of them, and any tiny buzz was gone in less than 30 mins. Just horrible. It leads me to think the Reddit thread was fabricated to hype sales. There is no way these would keep any vet user happy. Also, they all made me feel anxious/raced up, which other bettercarts never do (Brass Knuckles, Soverin). I recommend only buying one of these before you decide to buy any more!

  20. WesFromT-O

    Unfortunately, I wouldnt be purchasing these carts again in the future… the potency is very sub-par for someone who requires a bit of a kick.

  21. Evangeline

    This review is for the Pineapple OG. First impression, it smokes very smooth. Doesn’t leave me with that annoying tickle in my throat that most carts do. High is decent.. I kind of like that it’s more “mild”. I can use it when I’m out and about, and feel very functional. The high starts off feeling like I’m walking on sunshine, very euphoric. I have a big grin on my face and I feel happy AF. After awhile it becomes very cerebral… if by myself, my mind will run a mile a minute (though not too “racy” feeling). If with other people, I feel very engaged and social. There is some fatigue on the come down. Overall I think this is a solid bang for your buck and you can tell the quality is there. It’s awesome to have real terps from the sauce mixed with the distillate. Definitely going to try other strains! I tried a BC vape (Lemon skunk) as well to compare as it also had good reviews. It is more potent.. High is stronger and lasts longer with the BC. But, I prefer the HV overall. Smoother, cleaner feeling high and better taste.

  22. moonrock426

    Hands down these are the best carts I’ve tried especially at this price. Flavour is amazing.

  23. twall35

    Tried a few of these carts. So far Romulan is the most terpy, would buy again!

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