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HTFSE Sauce by Sweet Leaf

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Enjoy 1 Gram of HTFSE Sauce by Sweet Leaf Concentrates.

HTFSE stands for High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract. Using low boiling point and below freezing temperatures we’re able to concentrate the terpenes and THCa to is purest form. The terpenes come out as a very flavourful sauce. The THCa comes in the form of diamonds. High in flavor and high in THC content, this extract is ready to pack a punch.

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3 reviews for HTFSE Sauce by Sweet Leaf

  1. martinshuk

    Sweet leaf with that bomb product.

  2. aabrena

    Damn this was good. Wish I had more right now.

  3. Branden W

    Presentation looks better on the product description than when it came in the mail. It did have a good taste but the user experience for unboxing the product was less than overwhelming.

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