Hierba sauce 3Hierba sauce 3

Premium HTFSE Sauce by Hierba

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Enjoy 1 Gram of HTFSE Sauce by Hierba.

Note: Most strains include diamonds. Ice Cream Cake is FSE. 

  • Top of The Line Processing
  • Double Dewaxed; Ultra Clean
  • 2-4 Extraction Process

HTFSE stands for High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract. The terpenes come out as a very flavourful sauce. High in flavour and high in THC content, this extract is ready to pack a punch.

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3 reviews for Premium HTFSE Sauce by Hierba

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  1. SatchmoColtrane

    For something so expensive you sure would think they’d make sure there is an actual gram in the container. Just barely .7 of a gram was my reading on my digital scale. It took me a while to scrape it all out of the container and top sheet as it was a mess and was everywhere. Would never spend the money on this again. Product itself is pretty strong but overall – Buyer Beware not worth the money at all.

  2. martinshuk

    Could be better for the price.

  3. heapbag46

    Very few reviews for a high end product that sat far too long on the shelf. Second order of this quality sauce. First was Apple and the most recent is Ice Cream. I swear Togo doubled up my first order in volume as my count was proper nice. Either way, this sauce will f you up.

    I fired up a Sai Triple Coil and am very pleased.