Hierba sauce 3Hierba sauce 3

Premium HTFSE Sauce by Hierba

(3 customer reviews)


Enjoy 1 Gram of HTFSE Sauce by Hierba.

Note: Most strains include diamonds. Ice Cream Cake is FSE. 

  • Top of The Line Processing
  • Double Dewaxed; Ultra Clean
  • 2-4 Extraction Process

HTFSE stands for High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract. The terpenes come out as a very flavourful sauce. High in flavour and high in THC content, this extract is ready to pack a punch.

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3 reviews for Premium HTFSE Sauce by Hierba

  1. SatchmoColtrane

    For something so expensive you sure would think they’d make sure there is an actual gram in the container. Just barely .7 of a gram was my reading on my digital scale. It took me a while to scrape it all out of the container and top sheet as it was a mess and was everywhere. Would never spend the money on this again. Product itself is pretty strong but overall – Buyer Beware not worth the money at all.

  2. martinshuk

    Could be better for the price.

  3. heapbag46

    Very few reviews for a high end product that sat far too long on the shelf. Second order of this quality sauce. First was Apple and the most recent is Ice Cream. I swear Togo doubled up my first order in volume as my count was proper nice. Either way, this sauce will f you up.

    I fired up a Sai Triple Coil and am very pleased.

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