High Voltage Extracts SauceHigh Voltage Extracts Sauce

High Voltage Extracts Sauce – FSE

(5 customer reviews)

$60.00 $50.00

  • 1.0g Full Spectrum Extract (Sauce)
  • Made by High Voltage Extracts

We also have a 3g High Voltage Extracts Sauce Mix and Match if you are looking to save money on quantity and want some variety!

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5 reviews for High Voltage Extracts Sauce – FSE

  1. martinshuk

    Great taste worth the buy.

  2. Branden W

    A friend ordered this. Thought it was just like shatter. But then the taste. Wowza. Good job.

  3. aabrena

    Should have bought more.

  4. juliox6674

    Definitely worth the price. Will buy again

  5. moonrock426

    HVE really knows what they’re doing. Stuff tastes weedy af.

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