Grape Jelly BombGrape Jelly Bomb

Grape Halley’s Comet Jelly Bomb (40:40mg THC:CBD) by Twisted Extracts

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This treat packs a powerful punch, so take it easy and start with a lower dose than what you’re used to. Halley’s Comet is a sativa dominant cannabis strain and combined with naturally high CBD, it’s the ideal product to take during the daytime.

We recommend taking half of your typical dose, or 1/8 of the gummy if you’re new to edibles.

Weed Taste Strength: 2/5


  • 8 x 5 mg THC + 5 mg CBD per jelly bomb
  • 40 mg THC + 40mg CBD per package

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80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 13% – 25%

Effects: Relaxed, Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted, Sleepy
Flavours: Earthy, Woody, Pungent

The mostly indica Nuken is a Canadian strain bred by combining genetics from Kish (a cross of two Shishkaberry parents) and God Bud. Her even-keeled effects are delivered alongside a sweet, earthy aroma of fresh herbs and grass. While undeniably strong, Nuken typically leaves you functional enough to still enjoy hobbies and the company of friends. Nuken blooms with rounded, dense buds covered in a blanket of crystal resin veiling its sage hues.

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4 reviews for Grape Halley’s Comet Jelly Bomb (40:40mg THC:CBD) by Twisted Extracts

  1. Likeflower

    First time using a gummy. I realize that each little square is only 5mg thc and 5mg cbd. I think I must be a weak sauce because one square gets me a pretty good buzz. I need to eat 2-3 square to get a good high. The high takes awhile to hit, about 45 to 1 hour until I felt it. Then it continues to creep up and lasts a very very long time. It’s pretty cool knowing that I could be high for hours on like a $3 budget each time lol

  2. ztru3

    Strong and tasty

  3. Jen858589

    I really enjoyed the taste barely any weed flavor and is nice and strong as edible usually do not affect me but I was all feeling very good and giddy.

  4. martinshuk

    strong and tasty worth it!

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