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Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) (AAA)

(69 customer reviews)


$6.43 – $9.14/gram 

This is our special dark and dank GSC! 

With a sweet and earthy aroma, GSC launches you to euphoria’s top floor where full-body relaxation meets a time-bending cerebral space. A little goes a long way with this hybrid, whose THC heights have won GSC numerous Cannabis Cup awards.

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  • Ounce (28 grams) = $180 ($6.43/g)
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Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) Effects and Attributes

Lack Of Appetite

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) Flavours

1. Earthy
2. Sweet
3. Flowery

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)

THC: 22% – 28%

With a sweet and earthy aroma, GSC launches you to euphoria’s top floor where full-body relaxation meets a time-bending cerebral space. A little goes a long way with this hybrid, whose THC heights have won GSC numerous Cannabis Cup awards. Patients needing a strong dose of relief, however, may look to GSC for severe pain, nausea, and appetite loss.
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69 reviews for Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) (AAA)

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  1. Jon

    Not only the best GSC I’ve ever had, but this is the best weed I’ve ever smoked. It’ll take you places

  2. Jason Sleeper

    Got about 2gs of this as popcorn nugs. Smells stong, theres lots of purple. Probably going to be my next order

  3. Ujstgtpwnd54

    Amazing, weird smell but good. And Burns amazing, same taste as the smell which was super nice!

  4. Dr.Pancake

    Legendary strain. Beautiful dank nugs. A balanced cerebral and body high. Perfect for playing some video games or playing an instrument. Highly recommend!

  5. Lucas21

    Everyone says they liked it but tbh …. it may just be because I got a sample popcorn freebie but Jeeze did it smell gross almost made me gag and had a weird taste all my friends said the same smelled like dirty socks ….. got me super high though but Jeeze

  6. SportsGuy1

    ThisThisThis strain is really great. Probably the best strain I have smoked in a long time.

  7. Jason Sleeper

    Some of the prettiest GSC ive seen. Big nugs nice long orange hairs. Smokes great too,

  8. 3702wood

    Tried some of my friend’s supply he bought and decided to place my own order for an Oz. Super dank weed with a strong smell – but this stuff will send you to outer space. Your body will feel heavy as though you’re going through lifft off in a space shuttle too!

    Very well balanced hybrid that I’d definitely recommend. Just keep it in a tight jar!

  9. sunbebe14

    Nice dark dank buds! Definitely worth a try 🙂

  10. Danyn

    Beautiful, large, and dense nugs. Largest I’ve ever received from anywhere. Between golf ball and tennis ball size. Beautiful fruity smell too. It reminds me of raspberries. Smoothest smoke I’ve had in a while. Ash burns white and the bud has a sweet taste that lingers on my tongue. I’ve had weed that smelled like cheese (UK cheese) but never have I had one that actually left a sweet taste on my mouth. Very happy with it. It is very very potent. Very energetic and upbeat high too. It’s listed as a 50/50 but I definitely feel more sativa here.

  11. ehume82

    Got an Ounce for 160 and it was amazing quality, extremely pleased. Very full robust buds, great earthy aroma, great burn, and high. More recently got another ounce for 180 i would only score 2/5, reminiscent of the other batch this one is very stem and leaf heavy, came with a lot of shake, and the buds are not nearly as full as the cheaper order. The smell on this order is a lot more pungent than the previous one as well. Still not a terrible buy; but if you’re like me and had the previous batch, maybe avoid this one as it is not near the same quality at a higher price point. I’m quite let down by the most recent purchase, maybe I received a bottom of the barrel order, definitely the worst I’ve received over several orders.

  12. SportsGuy1

    This AAA is AAAA anywhere else.

  13. Deano26

    Nice buds. I couldn’t stand the smell of this strain though. Everyone else I know really enjoyed the smell, but personally it made me gag. The resulting high is well worth it. Very strong body and mind effects

  14. Joq199242

    This strain has a very interesting look. Very dark purple and large clusters of terps. The smell is quite distinct as well, hard to describe but I would say it has more of a fruity smell to it. The high has more of a sativa feel to it. Afterwards it has a heavy burn out to it. Overal,l it’s definitely worth its price.

  15. Trip32

    Got a popcorn sample pack with my last order and loved it. Great hybrid.

  16. stevenmark1978

    Cerebral spacey high, great for evening. A bit of couch lock, but not sleepy for me. Vapes very well and smells as potent as it is. This one will stone you.

  17. latryl

    Big buds that give a great high that allows you to still function while feeling amazing

  18. JayJ1970

    The nugs looked great, there were some pretty big nugs in my oz, the smell reminded me of cheese kind of.

  19. Cryz

    Fantastic smell taste and look. About to order another oz.

  20. chantalegauthier

    Amazing strain, perfect for day time use. Kept me clear headed and feeling good, with a good body buzz.

  21. smoothwideturns

    Really interesting, funky terpenes. It’s almost like a musky cologne or patchouli. The flavor is strong, dank and earthy. The effect was heavy feeling. Very enjoyable experience overall.

  22. pentagrams

    As another reviewer suggested, musky is the right word for this one. Extremely pungent, but becomes much more tolerable when ground up. Fantastic high and beautiful frosty nugs.

  23. joshrawlings11

    So fucking good. Smells great, vapes great, is probably the BEST I’ve ever had.

  24. Moxthot

    I received this strain as a popcorn nug freebie. The nugs had a very deep purple hues all throughout, the smell was earthy and quite pungent. Smoking this strain felt like more of a sativa, but overall was a very nice functional head high. I would recommend as a daily use to coast on through but still get things done.

  25. coleteeple

    This weed is just ridiculous. Absolutely beautiful purple buds, initially smelled horrible but now I love the smell, and the high is just perfect. Best weed I’ve had in a long time.

  26. phlups18

    FYI, I have a pretty high tolerance, long time daily user.

    First thing you notice about this 2.5g bud is that it’s REALLY dark / purple- ish. Great bag appeal to the bud. Definitely on the dry side but nothing an Integra Boost pack can’t fix. The second thing you notice about this bud is the smell. WHEW! Smells like rancid fruit to me or maybe fruit that a cat pissed on about a week ago and no one cleaned it up, LOL! Thankfully the rancidness didn’t translate much in the taste. Mostly a light fruity earthy taste, nothing too strong. As far as potency, not too bad for a fairly dry AAA strain. Was mostly sativa for me and hit behind the eyes. Gave me some energy and focus with a tiny bit of body relaxation. Lasted about 45 mins to an hour and then dropped away quickly. No burnout. The main thing is that it’s a potent strain for the money and will get you stoned but won’t couch lock you at all. More like a good strain for socializing and doing things. For a AAA strain, this is solid value.

  27. Bojangles98

    Very interesting strain! Such a unique look with all the purple green and orange mixed into dense tight nugs. The smell is mildly fruity and a little dank, but I’m not getting the same notes that others have mentioned. Smooth smoke, hits great in the bong, and even better in the vape with a fruity, dessert-like flavour and no harshness to be found. Great modest sativa high, with some wonky psychedelic cerebral hints but also very uplifting, and fades away with no burn out.

  28. Trip32

    Was sent a freebie with my last order. This stuff has a very unique smell and taste. Nice balanced high as well.

  29. wheedkween

    Really loving this version of girl scout cookies. Have had the strain many times but this batch was definitely the most unique I’ve come across yet. Very fruity, pungent aroma. More so when you grind it. Perfectly cured imo, was dry to the touch butstill super sticky. Would buy again.

  30. Danny Alfaro

    Got this as a freebie, damn that was some dank, dark and purple, sends you straight to outer space. good stuff

  31. wpgsharpening

    Love the dark purple color, great smell and taste, powerful effects

  32. superskunk98

    One of the top GSC i smoked, nice high and very good to the palate, will buy again!

  33. JH9324

    Great quality, will order again! A great daytime strain.

  34. Dee

    Sickest strain, this is crazy bud, super nice looking and smelling plus amazing high

  35. jongwang01

    Absolutely amazing strain. First session with this bud sent me to another dimension and kept me in a trance. This is probably one of my favourite strains I’ve ever smoked, definitely going to order again.

  36. dalfaromtl

    Got to say this was the bomb, pretty dark and dank af.

  37. SimplySunshie

    This was in my first order and it is a wonderful high. For me it sits as a buzz in my head, which usually isn’t my favorite, I like the full body effects, but I use this on Friday nights when we play our jackbox games and I am creative AF. When I first got my stash from these guys I could not believe the overwhelming smell. I’ve ordered from other places but nothing is as fresh and sticky as this. Solid buy, I can see why this is a classic.

  38. nukelukem69

    Amazing bag appeal (very dark buds). Nose is strange, but it tastes great vaped. Potency is good.

  39. Livinlikelarry46

    Very potent. More of a cough lock high but I really enjoyed it. Best GSC I’ve ever had.

  40. nickbiscuit98

    Freebie, but was actually unreal!

  41. furiousflubs

    This is good stuff.

  42. ztru3

    really enjoyed this. awesome potency

  43. biglebowski34

    Insanely beautiful bag appeal. Gorgeous. And then that smell! Like a dirty slap in the face! It’s a hilarious contrast. Some of the most unique bud I’ve ever encountered. Very smooth smoke and subtle fruit flavour. Balanced effects are nice change. Can see why it’s so crazy popular. They’d be crazy not to bring this back as a house special.

  44. Alex

    It smells like vomit to be honest but has a much nicer smell when ground up. The buds are beautiful purple with lots of trichomes. Gets you a long lasting high that feels exactly like a hybrid and is definitely potent. I think that this strain is a steal at the price.

  45. fredsnicker17

    Quite possibly the most beautiful looking weed I’ve had, along with my favourite high. Very relaxing, cerebral high. Not quite a get up and clean the house high for me but certainly an active one rather than a sedative. Little too no burnout at all, felt great coming down. Definitely a recommendation to any hybrid sativa lovers out there.

  46. BlackSmokie

    Smells like fart in a bag! This pheno is just insane, the terps are high, the potency is very nice, effects are great, ash is light grey, smoke is smooth. Priced very well.

  47. Tinbanger98

    This GSC is insane! Smells delicious and punches you in the face, they say 50/50 sativa/indica but I highly recommend this to sativa lovers! Very upbringing high that’s perfect throughout the day if u don’t want to get tired!

  48. alf16

    Delicious GSC. Great all day long. Super potent, super caked!

  49. BigBunsen98

    Nice balanced high

  50. Petergrowman94

    Potent delicious Blueberry smell, with I little mint finish,taste like same ,Super quality for price,look great, how ever small buds.Nice day time smoke.Unfortunately I hate blueberry taste strains,remind me more to Good black diamond with little mint,then Girls Scott,The Bubba OG 2 was to me more like GSC,because you can fill it the true OG Genetic.But if you like Blueberry,you can’t find better for price.

  51. MrMister

    Like most of the reviewers, i have to agree and say that its 5/5. My batch was nicely trimmed and had a good smell to it. Smoked really clean and white. Would order again.

  52. spiderfan3030

    Impressive potency. Was hoping for more rotten/rankness, smelled a lot more like a sweet Nuken type strain than anything. Very dark, unique looking buds that smoke smooth and taste great giving solid effects, a great and unique GSC example

  53. Savvy

    Very disappointed with this bag, tastes awful, like burnt stem/seeds, potency is lacking, with a heavy burnout. Chock full of tiny little seed lookin things. Honestly some of the ugliest buds I have seen in a long while, the larger buds a pale yellow color with no crystal of any kind on the inside. I would not be able to identify this as GSC, and tossed it out after a few tries. Would not recommend or purchase again.

  54. jdawson.smith

    Good clean smoke, very nice high.

  55. drtypntyz46

    This was a great high, I dont need very much just a couple pulls on a joint and i was high. Enjoyed this very much!

  56. astan023

    Quite nice high, smokes and vapes nicely and got pretty solid nugs which were very sticky. Good hybrid, I felt the sativa effects at first followed by a pretty big crash where the indica effects hit hard.

  57. koreyboosting

    best hybrid i tried
    extremely good inhale & exhale and it’s potent enough to put you to sleep
    strong effects.

  58. 420couple

    Nothing negative to say about these buds. Perfect smoke, strong smelling. Could not contain this amazing smell and tasted wonderful!

  59. canadianbacon121353

    I would recommend this product. It smokes nice and is very pungent. The only negative is the smell of the weed itself. It doesn’t necessarily smell bad it just smells dank and kinda not like weed. Good taste. Would buy again.

  60. martinshuk

    taste great, smells amazing! Always a good buy!

  61. moonrock426

    best strain here merks u from every angle.

  62. The Bradj

    Overall very good. Smells like Cheese (the strain) but doesn’t taste like it. A nice high. Would probably order again.

  63. robwinter64

    This stuff right here is some of the BEST weed I have ever smoked in my life. The bud itself looks so damn pretty with hints of purple, and the smell is so good. I use this as an evening smoke to relax while I watch a show or movie and it gets me right in the zone. I will for sure order this again!

  64. Sleeper

    Hope this stuff never sells out. Best stain on the site ive found.

  65. Zypherion62

    Best GSC I’ve had in a long time even better than the legal shops in my city.

  66. teddy

    Really amazing weed! Can’t believe it’s only a AAA. Great for pain and sleep.

  67. Blotter

    Very unique cut of gsc. Stinky as all hell. I can’t point my finger on the smell but it’s very unique. Very dark looking buds, that smokes and burns very clean.
    Good AAA

  68. KalebR78

    Nice body and mind high, I recommend trying this stuff.

  69. Sleeper

    Ive bought this a good handful of times. Wish it was a little cheaper and id get it constantly. Got some funk smell. Everybody loves it. Worth it if youre trying to spend a little more.