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Ghost Bubba (AAA)

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$5.71 – $9.14/gram

Ghost Bubba is an Indica dominant hybrid with a very nice aroma of gas and earth. Its high provides a nice head euphoria that will leave you hazy, but with a sense of creativity. Then it follows a nice body buzz that may slowly creep on you!

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Ghost Bubba Effects and Attributes

Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Focused, Creative

Flavours: Diesel, Earthy, Herbal

Ghost Bubba

80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Ghost Bubba is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created through a cross of the classic Bubba Kush X Ghost OG strains. This celebrity child is the perfect choice for fans of both of its parent strains, but with an extra potent kick from its 15-23% average THC level. The high hits you out of nowhere with a smash to the head that leaves you hazy but with a sense of creative energy that cannot be quelled. You may feel focused at times, although this will ebb in and out at times as you fade into complete bliss. A creeping body buzz comes next that slowly builds and wraps itself around your limbs, suddenly capturing you and leaving you utterly and hopelessly couch-locked and sedated without any hope of moving.

7 reviews for Ghost Bubba (AAA)

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  1. vj.omni

    Despite being in the bubba family, this strain is no couchlocker, and is exactly as described: a smooth and calming head high. Bag appeal isn’t perfect, but it busts fine. Quality AAA.

  2. Blotter

    I like this stuff. Steal at the price point. Nice taste, smell and high. Great cure to it as well.

  3. SportsGuy1

    Nice buzz and cure for the price. Smells great too.

  4. Spenner1190

    Nice strong high, really nice buds for the price. Smells dank

  5. Dissident

    Great cure and trim job on this one. Very strong. Smell is on point for the bubba family. Glad I picked this up.

  6. Truedoe57

    Great smoke, smells nice, okay bag appeal.

  7. abloatedfish98

    One of my new favorites. Very potent bud. Don’t miss out.