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Gemmies (35mg) by SeC

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Sour Blue Raspberry Gemmies

THC Content: 7 gummies/5mg per gummy/35mg per package.

Attention! This product was made in a facility that may process peanuts, coconuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat and dairy products.

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11 reviews for Gemmies (35mg) by SeC

  1. Lillyenn

    Took awhile to kick in. Tasted nice and was a nice mellow high.

  2. joshwalker-25

    Loved the taste of these it was a ok buzz

  3. sethasaurus2k

    I got high for like $1.13… First time trying an edible, took half a bite of one on my first try and found it weak/nothing. Took a full gummy on my second try and got a good buzz. I wouldn’t recommend to a heavy user because my tolerance is low and I feel only mildly high. Took almost a whole hour until I was like “oh shit I’m high” while I was brushing my teeth. The feeling creeps up slowly and slowly more. Then it creeps down slowly. It actually takes 2 gummies for my liking so it mathematically only costs $2.25 each time I wanna get high. That’s like the cost of 4 cigarettes in my province. Highly recommend to low tolerance or new edible users.

  4. Andrew

    Tastes like blue jello – damn good but doesn’t get you THAT high… nice little effect but, overall, moreso for first-time users of edibles – but again, they taste REALLY good.

  5. alf16

    Got these for a friend who is new to edibles. She ate 3 throughout the night and had a nice buzz going on.

  6. prettyinpink_4316

    Got these for my brother he never smokes man ate the whole bag and was DONE for the night lol I recommend for people who are not heavy users ! It was really funny tho

  7. martinshuk

    love the shape! also great taste.

  8. d.spencer61395

    Nice sour taste good body high could if you don’t like smoking flower

  9. DMunnz

    Good taste, if you like sour you’ll enjoy these. High was OK but kind of what I expected for the amount of THC.

  10. Branden W

    It was pretty tasty. And it kicked in when it needed to.

  11. aabrena

    Tasted alright. Took awhile to kick in but it did.

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