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Gemmies (35mg) by SeC

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Sour Blue Raspberry Gemmies

THC Content: 7 gummies/5mg per gummy/35mg per package.

Attention! This product was made in a facility that may process peanuts, coconuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat and dairy products.

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8 reviews for Gemmies (35mg) by SeC

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  1. Lillyenn

    Took awhile to kick in. Tasted nice and was a nice mellow high.

  2. joshwalker-25

    Loved the taste of these it was a ok buzz

  3. sethasaurus2k

    I got high for like $1.13… First time trying an edible, took half a bite of one on my first try and found it weak/nothing. Took a full gummy on my second try and got a good buzz. I wouldn’t recommend to a heavy user because my tolerance is low and I feel only mildly high. Took almost a whole hour until I was like “oh shit I’m high” while I was brushing my teeth. The feeling creeps up slowly and slowly more. Then it creeps down slowly. It actually takes 2 gummies for my liking so it mathematically only costs $2.25 each time I wanna get high. That’s like the cost of 4 cigarettes in my province. Highly recommend to low tolerance or new edible users.

  4. Andrew

    Tastes like blue jello – damn good but doesn’t get you THAT high… nice little effect but, overall, moreso for first-time users of edibles – but again, they taste REALLY good.

  5. alf16

    Got these for a friend who is new to edibles. She ate 3 throughout the night and had a nice buzz going on.

  6. prettyinpink_4316

    Got these for my brother he never smokes man ate the whole bag and was DONE for the night lol I recommend for people who are not heavy users ! It was really funny tho

  7. martinshuk

    love the shape! also great taste.

  8. d.spencer61395

    Nice sour taste good body high could if you don’t like smoking flower