Fruit Salad SECFruit Salad SEC

Fruit Salad (40mg) by SeC

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Banana, Cherry, Grape & Lemon Fruit Salad

THC Content: 4 gummies/10mg per gummy/40mg per package.



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7 reviews for Fruit Salad (40mg) by SeC

  1. nick

    i tried these with my order and they tasted great! gave me a nice buzz for the entire day 🙂

  2. joshwalker-25

    Tasted great took a while to kick in but gave great mellow buzz

  3. Andrew

    Not sure if each one was supposed to taste different but I didn’t find much of a difference.. they tasted okay, definitely prefer the blue gems though.

  4. me

    Good buzz but they have sort of a weird rubber taste to them.

  5. martinshuk

    probably the best fruit salad ever.

  6. Branden W

    I don’t think they had different flavours but it was fun taking them. Maybe next time, add flavouring? Did the job though.

  7. aabrena

    Tasted alright. No difference in the fruits in terms of flavour. Worked well enough. Lasted me a whole day.

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