Double Chocolate Cookie Baked EdiblesDouble Chocolate Cookie Baked Edibles

Double Chocolate Cookie (30mg) by Baked Edibles

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30mg THC per Cookie

What’s better than chocolate? How about two different types of fair-trade chocolate, blended with love into these classic favourites. Body-balanced, mentally uplifting effects

-Cannabis flavour strength – 1/10

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3 reviews for Double Chocolate Cookie (30mg) by Baked Edibles

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  1. aiyab

    A classic only surpassed by the brownie, these are both delicious and fun. Be sure to have regular cookies around too as you’ll want to eat a bunch of these.

  2. martinshuk

    hardly taste the bud! Great buy. The high is really nice.

  3. spiderfan3030

    Baked goods are very potent, but I always found the taste to be a bit offputting. Slightly more granular in texture than other edibles too. Good enough effects for just 30mg but would prefer a higher dose edible in a smaller form for myself