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Cookies Kush (AA)

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$4.64 – $7.71/gram 

Cookies Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid that is a cross of the infamous GSC x Rolex OG Kush. The flavour and aroma is mostly earthy, with hints of sweetness and vanilla if you can catch it. It is a very happy and relaxing experience every time you bring out the Cookies… Kush!

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Cookies Kush Effects and Attributes

Effects: Relaxing, Happiness, Sleepiness

Flavours: Earthy, Pungent, Sweet, Vanilla

Cookies Kush

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain

Cookies Kush is a indica dominant hybrid strain created as a cross of the delicious Girls Scout Cookies x Rolex Kush strains. This bud was bred to be sold in coffee shops in Amsterdam and offers a moderate THC level that ranges from 15-18% on average with a CBD level between 1-3%. The high brought on by Cookies Kush can be slightly confusing to some, as it involves the coming together of opposite effects. Upon the onset, you’ll be hit with an immediate sedative effect that leaves you red-eyed and lethargic. This is accompanied by a sativa cerebral stimulation that gives you mellow waves of energy. In other words, you’ll be lazy and at ease, yet energized enough to function if need be.

8 reviews for Cookies Kush (AA)

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  1. Jen858589

    I personally didnt like this strain tasted cheap to me not good stuff was expecting more a sweet vanilla taste but this absolutely doesn’t have that. I don’t recommend this strain its more a single a pretty disappointed didnt get me high it all.

  2. jayc83

    TBH, I am a bit bias to compare this to the Cookies and Cream that I ordered (AAAA). its mostly earthy and kushy, pretty boring. It only had a hint of sweetness which could have been vanilla or honey, but it was really light. I am giving it 4 stars because for the price I can see it being not bad. If budget is the main thing, I would say its good. Overall: If youre seeking a cookies strain, its not strong. if you’re looking for a simple kush, its there!

  3. aabrena

    Decent budget strain. You get what you pay for.

  4. SportsGuy1

    Pretty good strain, not quite as potent as a few others!

  5. Jaayys97

    Very low budget weed. Takes a couple of hits to get there but overall works

  6. Jen858589

    I personally dont like this sister but my friend loves the taste and high from this
    . If you are a fan of the cookie stains this one is a very good budget strains

  7. Jaredk0245

    Very good budget strain if you’re looking for something simple and straight to the point,

  8. RelaxiCab72924

    I got a sample of this, which I do appreciate, but I have to say I was disappointed in this one. Weak effect, I found the smoke a bit harsh, and I really didn’t care for the taste.