Chocolatina #1 (AAAA)

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Craft Cannabis by Broke Kid Grows

Chocolatina is a rare Indica dominant hybrid between Tina and Mint Chocolate Chip. It is quite gassy with a hint of chocolate. Note that this strain is quite sticky! It is more sticky than Gorilla Dosha and 3 In The Pink.

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Chocolatina #1

70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Chocolatina is a rare Indica dominant hybrid between the Mint Chocolate Chip and Tina. It is quite gassy with a hint of chocolate. Note that this strain is quite sticky! It is more sticky than Gorilla Dosha and 3 In The Pink.

Flavours: Gassy, Sweet, Chocolate

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14 reviews for Chocolatina #1 (AAAA)

  1. Danyn

    The smell filled the room before I even the green mylar bag. Chocolatina doesn’t care that they’re supposed to be smell proof. It’s hard for me to describe the smell since it’s so unique. The smoke was extremely smooth and tastes just like the smell. The ash burns white and the high is amazing. It’s listed as a 70/30 indica but I personally get more of a hybrid high. It hits like a truck. Out of the 15 strains I have, it’s hands down the best. Potency differs between everybody but for me, as a heavy hybrid and indica smoker, chocolatina wins in my eyes.

  2. phlups18

    I remembered seeing others who had bought Chocolatina last time, saying how good it was. I missed out so wanted to jump on it this time around. As you can see by the pic, all looks pretty good. I can only tell you that it gets better in person. This stuff is sticky and fresh! As you can see, my count came in at 7.2g. As with all the Broke Kid strains I got, it’s kinda hard to put your finger on the smell exactly. I see some people saying chocolate, coffee, etc… I don’t know. I’m thinking like grass and earth with a fruity tone? I really can’t say what it is. It’s not bad but it’s not my new favorite. It’s pungent though for sure, nice and stinky. The taste at first is very minty for me, it was really nice! After a few pulls it disappears and leaves you with an almost licorice / earthy taste with maybe a slight fruitiness to it. Unique. The potency for me was very solid and that’s saying something. The head high was more of a brain melt. The body high was AWESOME. My limbs actually felt kinda happy / tingly in a good way for about 15 mins. Total body relax and mind melt for about 1.5 hours and then it was sleepy time. It’s not going to be my new favorite (as I tend to lean more towards sativas and hybrids) but it’s a very well grown, potent and unique bud. Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase.

  3. Jean-Christophe Bolduc

    I have a ridiculous natural tolerance (6+ bowls to get high, 1000+mg edibles), which sucks. Flowers and concentrates are the one area this doesn’t strictly apply, and this is the best to get. Chocolatina is a strong strain, make no mistakes, but the high is fantastic in that you maintain control of your mind as your body just lifts completely. It’s a fantastic experience, and this strain is hands down the best to take you down the path.

  4. Brklagill63

    This strain is worth the price of admission. Just wow. It gets a 5 out 5 for potency. Came nice and sticky. Mafe the mistske of msking a salad with this and gorilla dosha. It laid me out. Like i couldn’t even stay awake had to close my eyes

  5. ztru3

    This was an amazing treat, definitely the best weed I have ever smoked. As stated above it’s super sticky and potent. What stood out to me was the very strong and intense aroma, this stuff really stinks

  6. MrMister

    Really nice buds and smokes very nice. It does have a hint of chocolate taste but its a hint. Somehow the joint taste gets better towards the end. Gonna add this to the list.

  7. jaadolph

    really pungent. at first i didnt really like the smell but it really grew on me and now i cant get enough of it. it has a strong hashy taste to it that lasts awhile and is very potent.

  8. alf16

    Tasty af!! Super sticky and super strong. Smooth clean smoke, white ash. Can’t go wrong with a strain from Broke Kid

  9. Conostogogreen

    Brokekid has yet to disappoint. This is probably the third time I’ve purchased this strain and I’ll probably order it again if they have it. I would highly recommend this to anyone that likes their bud gassy, sticky and covered in crystal. I can’t say enough good things about this strain. Get it while it lasts.

  10. spiderfan3030

    Very unique terpene profile, quite complex, very inviting. Good and potent, adequate pain medicine for those with nerve pain. Was expecting more oomph in the aesthetics department, but could have had a one off as others seem to enjoy nice sticky buds while mine were small and dry popcorn. It’s the potency of the medicine that counts, and this gets the job done, I just hoped for a bit more in terms of it being a AAAA strain and the hype.

  11. Richard

    I haven’t spent this much on cannabis since I was a naive teenager, but wow was this worth it. If you don’t have a high tolerance, go easy on this, and even if you do, you will feel it. A must try for anyone looking for something strong.

  12. Conostogogreen

    This strain is my absolute favorite so far this year. When you open that bag whatyou get hit a cologne like smell of skunk and gasoline that eminates into the room and doesn’t leave for a while. Super sticky and nicely caked. It will be a sad day when they run out

  13. biglandb

    Crazy stink of gas, just perfect. Buds were really nice and trichomes were present. Few leafy small buds, but does not change how great the strain is. Potency is nice and relaxing. Broke Kid Grows did this one awesome

  14. martinshuk

    Got to jump on this well they have it!

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