Cheese QuakeCheese Quake

Cheese Quake (AA)

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Cheese Quake is a slightly Indica leaning hybrid that has a nice balance between mental euphoria and a strong body stone. It is popular due to its interestingly sweet and cheesy aroma.

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Cheese Quake Effects and Attributes

Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric, Uplifted, Focused

Flavours: Earthy, Sweet, Floral, Cheesy

Cheese Quake

Indica Leaning Balanced Hybrid

THC: 16% – 20%

Cheese Quake is a slightly Indica leaning hybrid that has a nice balance between mental euphoria and a strong body stone. It is a great way to relieve stress and low moods. Cheese Quake is a cross between Cheese and Querkle. It is quite popular for its smell and taste with smells of cheese, hints of grape and sweetness.



20 reviews for Cheese Quake (AA)

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  1. xfx12

    Not cured properly, harsh and burns like shit even when grinded up which makes it a pain to smoke. Pass

  2. Denisecornick56

    Tastes ok, but it seemed to be low on the THC scale. Hard to get a buzz.

  3. jaker

    smells great, tasted good. quite mediocre of a smoke but the price i’d say its good value

  4. Kwarren02

    Decent high, smell description is accurate, overall great budget bud.

  5. Fizznael

    good value, at $120 its pretty good

  6. Jen858589

    I got this one as a freebie I liked it more than some of the other aa but I didnt get much of a grape out of it. I found it didnt have much of a cheese taste but it is a okay aa good budget kush.

  7. aabrena

    Works best on a vaporizer. Good bang for your buck.

  8. DMunnz

    Pretty good, decent high from my vaporizer, solid value. Not as potent as some of the other strains I’ve purchased.

  9. Benzalac29

    Freebie, was alright. Wouldn’t be my first, second or even third choice. But anything free is better than nothing.

  10. SportsGuy1

    For the price this stuff is great, I think the AA rating is fair

  11. goldstar89

    Grassy, Herbal Smell/Taste. Slightly better than expected. Got as a free sample. Good value absolutely. Not fire though.

  12. K.woolridge

    Came as freebie in popcorn buds smoked nice,smooth flavour rated AA mellow buzz.

  13. aabrena

    It’s not the most mind blowing strain but for the price, it does the job quite well. Works best on a vaporizer. A little harsh when combusted.

  14. prettyinpink_4316

    Got this as my freebie low in thc quality for sure would have to pass on this strain !

  15. Branden Wyryha

    Budget brand. You get what you pay for. That being said, it still gives you the effects that you’re looking for. May have to smoke more but “first world problems” right?

  16. sarah.mae.gamble

    Poorly cured, burns horrible. Is okay in the vape, but not very strong. HIGHLY doubtful that the THC content listed on this product is correct.

    Least it was cheap.

  17. vj.omni

    Got a freebie of this and it might be the least of all the strains I’ve tried from togo. Decent high but it tastes atrocious. Not anything to be angry about, but togo’s AAs are usually much better than this.

  18. Branden W

    Got this as a freebie. Worked well enough as a joint. Taste was okay.

  19. Nik

    Buds came very quick, nice amount decent quality. Would order again.

  20. Spenner1190

    Not the best. should probably be a $99 oz IMO.