CCell Palm Vape Battery

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A great solution of efficiency and size to pair with your cartridges (510 thread).

• Dimension: 42*55*12.8 mm
• Capacity: 550 mAh
• Body Material: Aluminum
• Ports: 510 thread, micro-USB rechargeable (included)
• Colour: Black, Blue, Grey, Pink


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The CCELL Palm Battery (550mAh) is designed in California and accommodates almost all 510 thread cartridges.

The CCELL Palm go up to 2 weeks before having to be recharged through its Micro-USB port, located on the bottom of the device. Designed to be small, discreet and durable, the rechargeable Palm battery is perfect for your life on the go. Never be without your favourite carts as with the included magnet adapters you can swap on the go.

We have it available in Black, Blue, Grey, and Pink.

This Palm Vape Battery is ideal for someone who wants maximum potential thats almost the same size as a standard Bic lighter. This vape system offers good battery life and hit size of larger devices that fits something small that can easily fit in your pocket.

5 reviews for CCell Palm Vape Battery

  1. koreyboosting

    the ccell palm is the worst vape ever!
    it sucks back the liquid super quick (hve carts , bc1 vape carts) it normally lasts 2-3 weeks if you use this vape it will only last 2-4 days maximum

    you can only hit it for 10 seconds then you have to wait til it resets to hit it again

  2. peterguy84

    good size, nice and protable. batery life is good too. find it much better than a cheap amazon battery pen

  3. Trip32

    Great battery. Works perfect with hve and bc vape carts. Glad I grabbed this one.

  4. spiderfan3030

    Mine works very well but isn’t as efficient as I would like. Seems to go through my oils a good bit faster than other devices using official CCELL carts I fill myself, but the quality of the build and that it provides fairly solid and flavorful hits, makes it worth recommending

  5. reddit1180

    You can tell it’s built well, as it feels very sturdy and is really sleek! It’s really portable, holds a good charge and it produces a good hit! I definitely recommend this!

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