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Black Roses #2 (AAA)

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$5.71 – $8.57/gram $5.35 – $8.57/gram 

Limited time SPECIAL! 2oz for $280

Black Roses is a heavy hitting Indica strain that will lay onto your body, relieve signs of stress, and can cement you to the couch. This batch has one INCREDIBLY awesome nose!

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Black Roses Effects and Attributes

Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Aroused, Giggly, Uplifted

Flavours: Sweet, Grapefruit, Floral

Black Roses

Indica Dominant Hybrid

THC: 18% – 21%

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26 reviews for Black Roses #2 (AAA)

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  1. Josh Scott

    The smell from this bag is so sweet like candy. Lighter buds smoke tastes a bit different but not bad

  2. Jen858589

    I personally didn’t like the smell of this one to me it had more on a pepper smell and when I smoked it definitely got a fuel flavor. I personally like sweeter smelling stuff not so much the fuel and peppery side I found with this one.

  3. Blotter

    Great deal on 2oz. Smells very good almost sweet like candy. Taste is decent and it comes with a decent indica buzz. Can’t go wrong on the 2oz deal.

  4. Josh Scott

    Still smells like a bag of candy from the local convince store. Pretty decent strain.

  5. 709_smoker95

    Amazing nose. Very smooth smoke, really sweet/flowery taste. Got some of this as a freebie would consider ordering for my night time smoke.

  6. cr0wbar89

    I got it as a freebie in my last order – cool name, very nice product! Has a bit of fuel flavor

  7. Trip32

    Sweet smell but a bit on the dryer side. Smokes great, very smooth and tasty.

  8. Tinbanger98

    Different smelling and tasting weed for sure but overall I would smoke and buy again!

  9. PDiddy85

    Good equal high.Great smell and taste.Great price with the discount given. Smokes great the high is light and is conducive to activities.

  10. PDiddy85

    The smell on this bud was really interesting, almost sweet to the nose. Blessed high and very equal in nature. Not too couch-locked and good for activities

  11. Smurfs

    nose is strong, you can smell it as you open the bag. it doesnt stink up the place though because it smells like sweet candy perfume. pretty smooth smoke and decent potency, not couch lock, but close to it in terms of relaxation. enjoyable for sure

  12. Jaayys97

    Got this as a freebie 2g with a ounce. This will probably be my next purchase very potent with a nice smell

  13. JP123

    Received this as a 3.5 first time order. Nice all around high, little on the dry side. Would order again!

  14. SimplySunshie

    Got this as my freebie and it is bomb. It was so smooth, no cough. Really strong high and great pain relief. Came on here to order more.

  15. Methuzelah81

    Got 14g, great for a night time smoke. Definitely has a diesel flavor, but nothing bad in this.

  16. smrs010689

    Indica hybrid strain. Smells similar to black diamond strains

  17. Ashbeard

    Nice big buds that smell sweet but they are quite light and not dense. Taste is floral diesel to me. Mediocre potency.

  18. Dopejoke9151

    Got a nice sample of this. It’s very nice in a joint and I love it.

  19. Jack

    Good bud and good price. appreciate the freebie as well!

  20. Jaayys97

    Got this as a freebie. Was great smoke nose wasnt as expected I smell earth/sweet. Great high for sure

  21. goldstar89

    Nice bud, Earthy Insense Flavour. Busts up into nice consistency.

  22. zuccsuccer81

    Great smoke, fairly strong medicinal effects! enjoying a pleasant afternoon after 1 rip

  23. mkultra41641

    Quite decent for AAA quality.

  24. Bloodclaat612

    Very floral scent to the bud. Friends loved the smell. Burns clean got a nice light buzz if your chronic.

  25. Jake Butson

    smells sweet, smokes well, overall a great strain.

  26. SportsGuy1

    Smells and really tastes great! Of course the high is solid too!