Black Label Shatter Sweet LeafBlack Label Shatter Sweet Leaf

Black Label Shatter by Sweet Leaf

(5 customer reviews)


Enjoy 1 Gram packages of Black Label Shatter by Sweet Leaf Concentrates. Black Label is higher quality than the budget White Label brand.

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5 reviews for Black Label Shatter by Sweet Leaf

  1. alf16

    GSC was super smooth. More gooey like wax than shatter which I liked – easier to dab with. I can taste the difference between the white and black label but not worth the extra $10 for me

  2. d.spencer61395

    Some great shatter for the price I would definitely recommend it

  3. Zypherion62

    Came with significant discoloration with a creamy white color instead of a golden yellow, a tell-tale sign of using premature plants.

    Did the job of getting you high but it hurt way more than it should’ve not much of a taste either.

  4. dom.gagne

    It was wax and not shatter but it tasted Good anyway.

  5. Bowl

    The Bubba Kush is not a shatter but a soft, sticky, crumbly, sugary consistency that sticks to my fingers and the parchment paper. I expected more from the highest price shatter available. Togo blamed the travelling for it’s consistency. I’m disappointed, definitely not what I expected when I placed my order.

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