Afghan KushAfghan Kush

Afghan Kush (AA)

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$5.00 – $7.71/gram 

Note: Not very many large nugs.

Afghan Kush is a 100% Indica strain that is incredible for its relaxing and medicating effects. The strain is very earthy and almost a bit hashy. Due to the full Indica nature, expect a nice body effects than mind effects.

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Afghan Kush Effects and Attributes

Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy, Euphoric, Hungry

Flavours: Earthy, Woody, Floral

Afghan Kush


THC: 15% – 21%

Afghan Kush’s roots trace back to the Hindu Kush mountain range near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. It has been perfected over centuries, making it the ultimate source for hash such as charas and the sticky black Afghani hash. White Label Seed Company, a Sensi Seeds partner from the Netherlands, made its seeds available for everyone to grow. The buds of Afghan Kush develop into massive, blunt-topped nuggets full of resin and coming in big yields. Revered for its heavy resin content and powerfully sedating effects, Afghan Kush is a top choice for anyone looking to relax after a long day.



8 reviews for Afghan Kush (AA)

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  1. Blotter

    Not much of a kush flavour but does the trick for a AA. I ordered the popcorn/smalls. Lots of tiny little buds as expected.

  2. SportsGuy1

    Very solid high for AA – Would highly recommend it for the price!

  3. Jaayys97

    Mostly indica, nice head high. Buds are nice and big but the smell isn’t there. good priced budget weed

  4. Branden Wyryha

    Works great on the Extreme Q.

  5. aabrena

    Came as expected. Love the taste on a vape. Works great on the Solo.

  6. cr0wbar89

    Not a very enjoyable taste or strength. Very weak. I’ve definitely had much better AA ounces, for cheaper.

  7. johnnysocks

    Not the worst bud I’ve from togoweed, but wasn’t super strong

  8. Jaredk0245

    Another chill budget strain that gets the job done, feel the effects of the indica strain