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Adjustable Voltage Vape Pen Battery 350mAh

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A simple solution to pair with your cartridges (510 thread). Our vape pens are rechargeable and easy to use and attach.

• Dimension: 10*93 mm
• Capacity: 350 mAh
• Changing Voltages: Press Button 3 Times
• Various Voltages: Red: 2.8V, Blue: 3.3V, Green: 3.8V
• Body Material: Stainless Steel
• Ports: 510 thread, micro-USB rechargeable (included)
• Color: Silver


Press 5 times to turn on, press 3 times to change voltage. Flashing white means that cartridge and the battery has a week connection; will require some fidgeting or re-screwing.


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10 reviews for Adjustable Voltage Vape Pen Battery 350mAh

  1. d.spencer61395

    Good rechargeable battery has three coil setttings have had no issues with it after using four cartridges

  2. koreyboosting

    i’ve used this pen on hve carts and bc1 vape carts
    this one is the best you can hit it for more then 30+ seconds and it still builds more & more smoke

    it’s the best one on this site & better then silo & palm imo.

  3. DaniielleAshley

    My new favourite! 💚 It’s my first time using a vape pen for weed, so I was totally new to the experience, but I love it!

    I purchased this, along w/ the 3 for $150 deal going on for the High Voltage Extracts and I’m in love! So easy to use & recharge, and worth it!!! 🤗

  4. Tinbanger98

    For $20 you can’t go wrong! Use mine every day and haven’t had a problem!

  5. sunbebe14

    Nice/sleek/compact..works awesome!!

  6. aabrena

    Works well enough for what it needs to do. It’s not variable voltage and you can’t control the watts but if all you’re looking for is to have a battery to go with your cartridge, this will more than do the job.

  7. WesFromT-O

    Just make sure you charge it fully for the first use so the battery operates properly. Zero issues otherwise!

  8. k.woolridge

    Still can’t get mine to work tried many different carts and still flashes white not impressed with this one but cheap enough if it works

    • Togo Weed

      Hey, you may need to click the button 3-5 times for it to change it’s mode. Please email us if it doesn’t work, we could help guide you through it.

  9. moonrock426

    good pen. has a micro usb for charging instead of 510 so thats a bonus

  10. ermauric68

    Works great. Lasts a long time without needing to be charged… nice to have the ability to change the voltage as well.

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