1 Gram BC Vapes – Distillate Cartridge

(12 customer reviews)


This cartridge is compatible with any 510 thread device. If you don’t have a device or battery you can GET ONE HERE!

  • 1.1 ml THC Distillate
  • No fillers, 2% reintroduced terpenes
  • CCell Technology for High Viscosity Oils
  • 510 Threaded Connection
  • Made by 1GramBCVapes
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12 reviews for 1 Gram BC Vapes – Distillate Cartridge

  1. gta4fan2009

    Tried the orange cookies and liking the balanced effects and it also has a decent taste.

  2. mcmonopoly43

    I got the Alaskan Thunder fuck and it tastes great! Nice clean high, can’t wait to try the other strains.

  3. goldstar89

    From someone that smokes a lot of Bud, This is a awesome treat. I got tossed into another dimension. I went with blue dream and the package says 91.9% THC. Tastes similar to a sweet shatter. Excellent.

  4. koreyboosting

    i smoke an ounce of week which is 2-3 grams per day
    i tried this cartridge and had amazing results from it.. it gives you a full body buzz the only problem is the head rush isn’t that intense. one cartridge lasts over 400+ hits it’s defiantly worth it and you can take it with you anywhere you go since nobody can tell there is THC in it

    i got the watermelon indica there is not much of a taste but the effects are crazy 4.5/5

  5. d.spencer61395

    Great effects on the gelato they last longer than you would expect would definitely recommend

  6. martinshuk

    Great taste and a nice high.

  7. moonrock426

    tried the gelato and it very balanced and tasty. had me on waves.

  8. Wesley Van Hart

    Picked up the three pack: Gelato – which is mild but great for anxiety and the daily use; Do si dos – which is pretty strong, great for pain and for relaxation; and jack herer – which is pretty much like a coffee… lol, I hit it in the morning after ive left the house and it’s a nice quick jolt of focused energy to start the day. These carts are the best i’ve tried to date.

  9. Blotter

    Got the northern light cart. Found it a little harsh but did it ever pack a punch! Nice clear golden colour.

  10. WesFromT-O

    I would recommend the Orange Cookies, Green Crack, and Super Sour Diesel for daily use, and evening use definitely the Super Glue or Zkittles

  11. Jen858589

    I got the Alaskan Thunder fuck it had a earthy piney taste was very potent. I like these cartridges but Prefer the togo house cartridges a little better.

  12. ermauric68

    Ordered the lemon skunk. I’d really give in 4.5 stars because the taste of it isn’t great. Pretty smooth smoke. Best things it has going for it are that it’s overfilled, and it’s potent. Two puffs and I’m pretty high for a solid couple of hours. The buzz itself does remind me of lemon skunk, though leaning on the indica side. Prefer to smoke this one when I’m at home and have the option of just relaxing for the rest of the evening.

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