1 Gram BC Vapes – Distillate Cartridge

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This cartridge is compatible with any 510 thread device. If you don’t have a device or battery you can GET ONE HERE!

  • 1.1 ml THC Distillate
  • No fillers, 2% reintroduced terpenes
  • CCell Technology for High Viscosity Oils
  • 510 Threaded Connection
  • Made by 1GramBCVapes
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10 reviews for 1 Gram BC Vapes – Distillate Cartridge

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  1. gta4fan2009

    Tried the orange cookies and liking the balanced effects and it also has a decent taste.

  2. mcmonopoly43

    I got the Alaskan Thunder fuck and it tastes great! Nice clean high, can’t wait to try the other strains.

  3. goldstar89

    From someone that smokes a lot of Bud, This is a awesome treat. I got tossed into another dimension. I went with blue dream and the package says 91.9% THC. Tastes similar to a sweet shatter. Excellent.

  4. koreyboosting

    i smoke an ounce of week which is 2-3 grams per day
    i tried this cartridge and had amazing results from it.. it gives you a full body buzz the only problem is the head rush isn’t that intense. one cartridge lasts over 400+ hits it’s defiantly worth it and you can take it with you anywhere you go since nobody can tell there is THC in it

    i got the watermelon indica there is not much of a taste but the effects are crazy 4.5/5

  5. d.spencer61395

    Great effects on the gelato they last longer than you would expect would definitely recommend

  6. martinshuk

    Great taste and a nice high.

  7. moonrock426

    tried the gelato and it very balanced and tasty. had me on waves.

  8. Wesley Van Hart

    Picked up the three pack: Gelato – which is mild but great for anxiety and the daily use; Do si dos – which is pretty strong, great for pain and for relaxation; and jack herer – which is pretty much like a coffee… lol, I hit it in the morning after ive left the house and it’s a nice quick jolt of focused energy to start the day. These carts are the best i’ve tried to date.

  9. Blotter

    Got the northern light cart. Found it a little harsh but did it ever pack a punch! Nice clear golden colour.

  10. WesFromT-O

    I would recommend the Orange Cookies, Green Crack, and Super Sour Diesel for daily use, and evening use definitely the Super Glue or Zkittles