If you’re looking for the best of both Indica and Sativa worlds, Hybrid strains is a good place to start. Hybrid weed is crafted with a mix of Indica and Sativa cannabis plants which gives it characteristics from both parents. Here is where you can find a wide variety of effects and unique strain profiles. Check out more hybrid weed below!

Hybrid Weed

Hybrid weed is definitely a work of art. Crafting different parents of cannabis to create a unique plant delivered to you as the consumer is incredible. Get the best of both indica weed and sativa weed in one balanced masterpiece!

Balanced Hybrids

A true balanced hybrid sits at about 50/50 Indica/Sativa ratio. Having a hybrid weed like this will give you balanced effects on both the body and mind. Although some 50/50 hybrids may be balanced, they still may lean towards one side in terms of effects.

Sativa Dominant Hybrids

Sativa-dominant hybrid weed will likely give you more effects of sativa weed. What you may expect typically is increased focus, creativity, energy, and other mind related effects. We recommend this type of hybrid weed to be used during the daytime, or a fun long night! They typically are a bit “looser” in terms of bud structure. With that said, the hybrid part of these Sativa-dominant strains leads into relaxation and body buzzes. All strains are different, so you may have to test out a few to find out the uplifting, yet mixed effects for yourself!

Indica Dominant Hybrids

As the name suggests, Indica-dominant hybrid weed carries more characteristics of Indica weed. Indica strains have been known to be higher in THC which may lead to more psychoactive effects. What you may expect is relaxation, appetite stimulation, sleepiness, and other body related effects. Indica weed has been popular for treating pain, insomnia, nausea, and other medical benefits. The bud structure is typical more compact and shorter, sometimes with purple colours as well. If you’re looking for something similar to Indica weed, but blended in with a little bit of hybrid effects, this may be a good choice for you. Again, you may have to test and try to find out your favourite strains, because they are all different!

Endless Options

We said it before that hybrid weed is a like an art. When you put one and one together you get something special. Then you mix that special piece with another one, which has characteristics from another one – the options are endless! When you buy weed online it makes it easier to try and test these variety of options. Some may be more Indica or more Sativa. Some may be lower in THC or CBD, yet some may be higher. Bud structure, leafiness, many factors change from strain to strain. Hybrid weed is truly a unique and wonderful thing.

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